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Gary Linden – Surfboard shaper, Firefox fan
Introducing a new look for Firefox
This major redesign gives you a new, wide-open window to the internet with more privacy than ever before.
The new Firefox is here
It's fast, efficient and private so you feel safe and free to be yourself online with fewer eyes following you across the web.
Things are looking different in 2021
While we make small design improvements regularly, major overhauls are big undertakings that don’t come around all that often.
Go behind the design
We obsessed over every detail. The result is a fresh, streamlined experience that delivers more efficiency and privacy than ever before.
Deep Dive
Enjoy being online again
It has been a year. Here are some tips for how to reset and choose joy when online.

Protection for your whole device, on every device
Surf, stream, game, and get work done while maintaining your privacy online.
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Welcome to the web, sunny side up
Millions of people rely on Pocket to save and discover the best articles, stories and videos on the web. As part of the Firefox family, Pocket has the same dedication to privacy.
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Firefox 89 delivered more speed—today’s Firefox 90 adds SmartBlock 2.0
Reaching people on the internet in 2021
Ever watch something on YouTube and wished you hadn’t? You’re not alone.
Browser Redesigns Aim to Give Users Sleeker Experience
Support a healthy internet.
The non-profit Mozilla Foundation supports online privacy & security, trustworthy artificial intelligence (AI), accountability for big tech corporations, and more.
Visit the Mozilla Foundation
YouTube Regrets
Mozilla and 37,380 YouTube users conducted a study to better understand harmful YouTube recommendations. This is what we learned.
Mozilla Explains: AI
How does an algorithm train a machine learning model, and what happens next?
More power to you.
Mozilla puts people before profit, creating products, technologies and programs that make the internet healthier for everyone.
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Mozilla Explains
What is SIM swapping?
Get up to speed on SIM swapping scams and learn how to protect yourself from this new form of identity theft.
Deep Dive
The digital divide
Detroit’s digital divide reminds us how far America has to go for internet equity.
Mozilla Foundation
Internet news, from best to worst
Every week we take a fun look at what’s going on in the world and on the internet from awesome to awful.
The Joy List Project
Read on as our contributors walk you through their all-time essential articles, videos, recipes, poems, memes and more.
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