Our leadership team is made up of both paid staff and volunteers with expertise building products and empowering communities that further our non-profit mission.
Management Teams
Mozilla Corporation

Mitchell Baker
Chief Executive Officer, Chairwoman of Mozilla Foundation
Steering Committee

Katherine Bose
VP, Business Development

Dave Camp
Chief, Core Products
Steering Committee

Selena Deckelmann
SVP, Firefox

Leslie Gray
Head of Diversity & Inclusion and Chief of Staff, Office of the CEO
Steering Committee

Matt Koidin
VP and General Manager, Pocket

Dan McKinley
VP, Data Science and Analytics

Eric Rescorla
CTO, Firefox

Lindsey Shepard
Chief Marketing Officer
Steering Committee
Mozilla Foundation

Mark Surman
President and Executive Director

J. Bob Alotta
VP, Global Programs

Ashley Boyd
VP, Advocacy

Angela Plohman
Executive Vice President
Mozilla Reps Council
The Council is the program’s 9-member governing body composed of 2 permanently appointed Staff members and 7 elected volunteers who are serving 12-month terms. The Council exists to ensure that the Mozilla Reps program runs smoothly, oversees the governance and finances of the program and serves as an advisory body within the Mozilla organization. The Reps Council takes strategic decisions regarding the program with input by the rest of the leadership body.
Vishal Chavan
Lidya Christina
Pranshu Khanna
David Blanchard
Luis Sanchez
Tim Maks van den Broek
Hossain Al Ikram
Konstantina Papadea
Francesca Minelli
Boards of Directors
Mozilla Corporation

Mitchell Baker

Laura Chambers

Karim Lakhani

Bob Lisbonne

Hugh Molotsi
Mozilla Foundation

Mitchell Baker, Chair

Brian Behlendorf

Wambui Kinya

Mohamed Nanabhay

Navrina Singh

Mark Surman

Helen Turvey

Nicole Wong
Former Board Members

Cathy Davidson

Julie Hanna

Reid Hoffman

Joi Ito

Mitch Kapor

Ronaldo Lemos
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