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Mozilla Trademark Guidelines
Mozilla is an open source company. Because we make our code available to download and modify, proper use of our trademarks is essential to inform users whether or not Mozilla stands behind a product or service. When using Mozilla trademarks you must comply with these Mozilla Trademark Guidelines.
A list of Mozilla’s and its affiliates’ trademarks can be found here: Trademarks List. However, that is not a complete list of our names, logos, and brand features, all of which are subject to these guidelines.
If you want to report misuse of a Mozilla trademark, please contact us here:
When do I need specific permission to use a Mozilla trademark?
You may do the following without receiving specific permission from Mozilla (or its affiliates):
All other uses of a Mozilla trademark require our prior written permission. This includes any use of a Mozilla trademark in a domain name. Contact us at for more information.
When allowed, how should I use a Mozilla trademark?
General Guidelines
Additional Guidelines
Software Distribution Guidelines
Our distribution policy contains additional guidelines that apply to distribution of the Firefox Browser and other Mozilla software.
Mozilla Logo and Firefox Logo Guidelines
If your use of a logo is permitted under the General Guidelines above, then please refer to the Mozilla Style Guide for detailed information on proper usage.
Mozilla Logo:
Firefox Logo:
Firefox Add-on Guidelines
In addition to the General Guidelines above, your add-on developer name and everything about your add-on (including the add-on name, icon, description, graphics and screenshots) must be unique and free of Mozilla trademarks unless (1) you’ve received prior written permission from Mozilla or (2) you’re only using a Mozilla wordmark to describe that your add-on works with Firefox and as long as your add-on icon and/or name:
For example, you cannot name your add-on “Firefox NewGadget Extension”. However, it would be acceptable to name your add-on "NewGadget Extension for Firefox”.
Social Media Guidelines
In addition to the General Guidelines above, the name and handle of your social media account and any and all pages cannot begin with a Mozilla trademark. In addition, Mozilla logos cannot be used in a way that might suggest affiliation with Mozilla, including, but not limited to, the account, profile, or header images. The only exception to these requirements is if you’ve received prior permission from Mozilla.
For example, you cannot name your account, page, or community “Firefox Representatives” or “Mozilla Software.” However, it would be acceptable to name your account, page, or community “Fans of Firefox” or “Information about Mozilla Software” as long as you do not use the Firefox or Mozilla logos or otherwise suggest any affiliation with Mozilla.
Open Source Project Guidelines
The specific license for each of Mozilla’s software products and code says what you can and cannot do with the code itself but does not give permission to use Mozilla’s trademarks. If you choose to build on or modify Mozilla’s open source code for your own project,
You Must:
You Must NOT:
You May:
Cloud-based Services
If you offer a cloud-based service that provides remote access to Mozilla software, it is important that you do so in a way that does not confuse users about who is offering the service. You must not use Mozilla trademarks in the name of your product or service.
You may state in words (not using logos or images) that your product or service features or provides access to unaltered Mozilla software, if this is true.
For example:
Acceptable: [Your Product Name] featuring Mozilla’s Firefox browser
Incorrect: Firefox [Your Product Name]
Mozilla Community Guidelines
Various permissions to use Mozilla Trademarks have been provided to various members of the Mozilla Community, and these Mozilla Trademark Guidelines do not alter any such previously granted permissions.
If you have any questions, please contact us at​.
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