Firefox Monitor Terms & Privacy
Version 1.0, effective September 25, 2018
1. Introduction
Firefox Monitor is a service provided by Mozilla to promote online safety. We strongly encourage people not to reuse passwords because—if any of those accounts are compromised—then hackers can access other accounts using the same account credentials. Because account credentials are often reused when registering for services, we think it’s important to know which accounts have been compromised in a publicly disclosed data breach.
2. Features
Using your email address, you can do a Basic Scan on our website or sign up to receive a Full Report, Breach Alerts, and Safety Tips.
Basic Scan: These results display most publicly known breaches. They exclude “Sensitive Breaches” (those including minors’ data or participants of adult and dating sites) in order to protect the privacy of those account holders.
Full Report: This includes a complete list of publicly known hacks, including Sensitive Breaches. * Breach Alerts: This notifies you if your email address appears in a new data breach. * Safety Tips: This sends you occasional online safety tips from Mozilla.
3. Your Responsibilities
If you become aware that your account credentials have been compromised, you should immediately update your passwords and any other credentials for those accounts, as well as other services using the same or similar account information. It is your responsibility to protect your online accounts using strong and different passwords, security questions, two-factor authentication, password managers, and other safety measures.
4. Privacy
When Mozilla receives information from you, our Mozilla Privacy Policy describes how we handle that information. Here are things you should know about Firefox Monitor:
5. Your and Our Rights
The Websites and Communications Terms of Use governs Mozilla websites and emails we send, including those of Firefox Monitor. It includes an indemnification, disclaimer, and limitation on liability. Although Firefox Monitor and Have I Been Pwned?, strive to have current data, there is no guarantee that either will have complete or timely records of all public data breaches.
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