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Hi, I'm Maxime!
I'm a back-end and front-end web developer living most of my time in the cloud to setup and maintain VPS, web servers, databases, and small to large web applications of all sorts. I have also created free browser extensions that are used daily by hundreds of thousands users \o/.
A little More About Me...
I have years of experience in web development. I'm comfortable with CentOS, Ubuntu, NGINX, Redis, MariaDB/MySQL, PHP, HTML, CSS, and JavaScript, which is my preferred programming language. I'm a passionate coder who always tries to write or reuse the most optimized and efficient code for each project, so although I happen to use well known open source frameworks and libraries, I prefer to avoid them because they have been engineered for developer productivity first, not performance. If you are looking for a conscientious freelance developer to create your website the right way, or to improve it if you already have one, contact me.
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