'Should I Watch This'? New Movie and TV Review Site 'Taste' Has The Solution
Taste Labs
Jul 27, 2021, 08:00 ET
NEW YORK, July 27, 2021 /CNW/ -- When it comes to picking the next movie or TV show, 'should I watch this?' may be the ultimate question. With your discerning taste and thousands of streaming options, it can be difficult to decide if something is 'worth the watch'. After hours of scrolling through menus, decision fatigue can set in, and you may find yourself needing a second opinion.
'Should I Watch This'? New Movie and TV Review Site 'Taste' Has The Solution
It's easy to look up public and critic ratings on 'IMDb' and 'Rotten Tomatoes', but online community 'Taste' believes it's also important to hear from 'those who share your personal taste'. With hundreds of thousands already using its app, the New York-based startup focuses on movie and TV reviews from like-minded users.
Taste has just launched a new website, allowing movie lovers to join this community directly from their web browser.
Taste founder John Lin explains; "We believe that the people most qualified to help you decide what to watch, are those who love the same things you do. Our app has been connecting like-minded people, helping them discover the hidden gems that would've otherwise been missed."
It takes seconds to create a profile, starting with a quiz to 'calculate your taste'. The platform then finds users with strikingly similar interests and highlights their reviews. This allows you to search across thousands of films & shows to compare two ratings, the first from 'Users Like You' & the second from 'All Users'.
Useful lists like "Top Rated (among 'Users Like You')" and "Hidden Gems" also help identify the titles that match your unique taste. So next time you're stuck in front of the Apple TV flip-flopping between options… check with your community on Taste first.
Start calculating your taste here.
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