The Front Row
Richard Brody offers notes on blockbuster movies, independent films, and documentaries.
“Ant-Man and the Wasp” Should Have Been the “Godfather: Part II” of Superhero Movies
Unlike its predecessor, the film stays closely tethered to the Marvel series in an array of methodical plot steps that feel like mandatory routines rather than freestyle inventions.
By Richard BrodyJuly 5, 2018
“Sorry to Bother You,” Reviewed: A Wild Workplace Comedy Energized by Righteous Anger
Boots Riley’s début feature is energized by indignation and a sense of astonishment that an organized ongoing assault on humanity and decency has been normalized.
By Richard BrodyJuly 3, 2018
What to Stream this Weekend: Director’s Cuts
Many great movies have been released in truncated versions that their directors repudiated. The restoration of directors’ cuts has, fortunately, become a crucial practice of responsible distributors.
By Richard BrodyJune 29, 2018
Review: “Leave No Trace” Explores the Ground in Which Poisonous Politics Grow
The film examines the emotional ruins left from America’s unending post-9/11 wars, as a result of misguided politicians squandering the lives of the uniquely dedicated soldiers who volunteered to serve in them.
By Richard BrodyJune 28, 2018
“Both Directions at Once,” Reviewed: The Thrills—and Limits—of a Rediscovered John Coltrane Recording
Listening to Coltrane, particularly in his prime, in the nineteen-sixties, is among the best musical experiences that exist, but not every recording is a similarly overwhelming creation.
By Richard BrodyJune 28, 2018
“The King,” Reviewed: A Documentary About Elvis That Wants to Be a Documentary About America
With insubstantial musings on “how we got here” and an odd reliance on celebrity commentary, the film isn’t so much a diagnosis as it is a part of the mediascape that it aims to critique.
By Richard BrodyJune 25, 2018
Highlights from BAMCinemaFest
This year’s edition of BAMcinemaFest includes a trio of films that premièred at Sundance and a documentary that premièred at the Maryland Film Festival.
By Richard BrodyJune 20, 2018
Review: The Authoritarian Populism of “Incredibles 2”
What’s chilling about the movie is its superhero essentialism—the vision of born leaders with an unimpeachable moral compass to whom all right-thinking people should swear allegiance.
By Richard BrodyJune 19, 2018
What to Stream This Weekend: How to Find Good Movies on Netflix
The best way to find them is to avoid the algorithms and use the search.
By Richard BrodyJune 15, 2018
“Superfly,” Reviewed: A Classic Remade for a Gun-Mad Age
Director X has reënvisioned Gordon Parks, Jr.,’s 1972 film, depicting the same criminal with peaceful dreams, but the experience of watching these movies is very different.
By Richard BrodyJune 15, 2018
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