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How Wall Street Is Making Jerome Powell’s Job Harder
By prematurely celebrating a victory over inflation, investors are making it more likely that the Federal Reserve will keep rates higher for longer.
By John Cassidy2:08 P.M.
What’s at Stake in the University of California Graduate-Worker Strike
The seventy per cent of Americans who support unions should understand that the future of organized labor won’t be in coal mines or steel mills but in places that might cut against the stereotypes.
By Jay Caspian KangNovember 29, 2022
The Meaning of the Colorado Springs Attack
The essential precondition for mass violence is not guns or hate but a culture of terror, a common imaginary that includes the possibility of a mass shooting.
By Masha GessenNovember 22, 2022
Sam Bankman-Fried and the Long Road to Taking Crypto Mainstream
The disgraced founder of FTX played on the vanities of the establishment, reassuring V.C. firms and the media that smart-guy insiders like him could save the world.
By Jay Caspian KangNovember 22, 2022
Can Any Republican Rival Take Down Donald Trump?
The only way for non-MAGA Republicans to consign the former President to history is for them to unite against him.
By John CassidyNovember 21, 2022
What Do We Really Know About Teaching Kids Math?
The field of math education is cluttered with bad and untested ideas. The Gates Foundation is spending more than a billion dollars to try to find a way forward.
By Jay Caspian KangNovember 18, 2022
Why Jerome Powell Could Be the Most Important Person in Washington Between Now and 2024
With gridlock looming in Congress, the task of stabilizing the economy will fall largely on the Fed chair.
By John CassidyNovember 17, 2022
How Math Became an Object of the Culture Wars
As was true in the nineties, today’s fights about math are not entirely about what kids actually learn in their classrooms.
By Jay Caspian KangNovember 15, 2022
Democrats Hold the Senate, and Republicans Face a Bitter Reckoning
The midterms saw Democrats outperform expectations, and highlighted the fissure between the establishment and MAGA wings of the Republican Party.
By John CassidyNovember 13, 2022
An Important Victory for U.S. Democracy—and a Warning
American democracy is in better shape than some feared, but Donald Trump will renew his assault on its norms and institutions.
By John CassidyNovember 11, 2022
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