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George Floyd’s Death Sets Off a Wave of Protests
Ignited by the killing of Floyd by a law-enforcement officer, demonstrations targeting racial injustice and police brutality took place nationwide.
Released on 06/01/2020
[playful chime]
[Protester] I can't Breathe!
[Crowd] I can't breathe!
I can't breathe!
I can't breathe!
[Protesters] Say his name!
George Floyd!
Say his name!
George Floyd.
We want change.
[Protestors] We want change!
[Protester] We pulled together as a whole,
and that's what scares them.
[Crowd] George Floyd.
[Protestor] Say his name!
[Crowd] George Floyd.
[Protestor] Say his name!
[Crowd] George Floyd.
[protestors clapping]
[car horns honking] [crowd shouting]
[Crowd] No peace, no justice, no peace--
[intense music] [firing]
[crowd yelling]
Hey! [crowd noises]
Move it, move it now!
Back up, back up!
[protestors screaming]
[protestor coughing]
[Protester] Water, water, here!
Stop, stop!
[Protestor 1] You fucking pricks, fuck you!
[Protestor 2] Oh my God!
[Protestor 1] Fuck you, fuck you!
[protestors coughing]
[crowd murmuring]
[engine roaring]
[protestor hitting door]
[glass falling]
[glass shattering]
[protestors yelling]
What the hell, I got fuckin' tattoos, man.
Give me that jacket.
[solemn music]
[Protestors] NYPD, suck my dick!
[solemn music]
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