Articles by Joseph Lichterman
Start your meetings with a folk song — and other ideas from the community-driven, crowdfunded Danish news site Zetland
“If you are to create community based on transparency, you also have to create community within your organization.”
This tool is helping newsrooms collaborate on factchecking and verification projects
Check, created by Meedan, has been used around the world, in projects such as Electionland in the U.S. and CrossCheck in France.
Check, software de checagem de fatos, ajuda na colaboração entre redações
Seu 1º uso grande foi para Electionland, o projeto de apuração coletiva formado por 1000 pessoas que rastreou reclamações.
This Danish startup evolved into a “newsletter company” because that was what its readers wanted
“The website and the apps are based on the rhythm and structure of the newsletter now.”
People who get news from social or search usually don’t remember the news org that published it, survey finds
With a network of sites across the U.S., this company is trying to redefine local fitness content
Founded in Pittsburgh, Fitt now has 16 sites across the country and has plans to grow.
Slate’s first virtual-reality talk show was “a hilarious disaster”
The show, called Conundrums, is broadcast using Spaces, Facebook’s app that allows users to interact with each other in virtual reality.
A new report says Democrats and Republicans actually get news in pretty similar ways
This Canadian rock star and author is starting a monthly print paper for his Toronto neighborhood
Launched by Dave Bidini, the nonprofit West End Phoenix has attracted support from its community — and Margaret Atwood.
“There’s an opportunity to go deep”: What’s next for Rafat Ali’s growing travel site Skift, 5 years in
“One of the things that we try to do, and I think it has worked well for us, is to surprise and delight. Surprise and delight is a marketing tactic. In our case, it’s essentially constantly launching new things so that the industry is constantly surprised.”

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