Yemen Says It Killed Militants as Three More Embassies Shut
By Steven Erlanger
Jan. 4, 2010
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SANA, Yemen — Yemeni government forces killed two suspected militants with Al Qaeda on Monday and wounded others in a firefight 25 miles north of this capital city, Yemeni officials said, tying the militants to the continuing threats directed against the United States and British Embassies here.
Those embassies remained closed on Monday for a second day. The American ambassador, Stephen Seche, remained in Sana and the embassy continued to function, but it was closed to the public, the State Department said. The French, German and Japanese Embassies were also largely or entirely closed to the public.
The Yemeni forces were tracking Nazih al-Hanq, whom they suspected of belonging to the regional terrorist group Al Qaeda in the Arabian Peninsula, when they came under fire in the city of Arhab, the officials said. They said that two of Mr. Hanq’s bodyguards were killed and perhaps three others wounded, but that Mr. Hanq escaped in the area between the villages of Al Hanq and Beit Boussan.
Arhab was the site of one of several strikes made against militants on Dec. 17 after American officials, working closely with Yemeni authorities, obtained information that four suicide bombers were aiming at Western targets in Yemen. The strikes killed three of the suspected bombers and damaged two Qaeda training camps.
More security forces were visible on Monday on the streets of Sana, and security was tightened at airports and foreign embassies.
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