On Tech With Shira Ovide
We Need a New Term for Video Games
We’re seeing a ton of new games, and many of them blur the lines between video games and other types of activities.
What the Fight Over Facebook Misses
The White House-Facebook coronavirus battle distracts us from the real problem: We don’t agree on anything.
The Nightmare of Our Snooping Phones
A Catholic official’s resignation shows the real-world consequences of practices by America’s data-harvesting industries.
Reading the Zoom Tea Leaves
Companies are starting to make big bets on how we’ll all behave after the pandemic ends.
El trabajo a distancia debería ser para todos
La posibilidad de trabajar en línea no debería ser un lujo para unos pocos, sino una opción generalizada.
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Does Big Tech Make Good Neighbors?
We want our online orders, and we want them now. But we don’t seem ready for Big Tech moving in, too.
A New Digital Life, Same Old Problems
Despite our hopes, the internet hasn’t erased the pressures and struggles of the old ways.
Government Tech Moves Too Slooowly
An inherent flaw in government purchasing of technology: Budget cycles take forever, tech changes fast.
We Need Remote Work for Everyone
The ability to work online shouldn’t be a nice-to-have for a select few, but an option for all.
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Can Food Delivery Work for Everyone?
How restaurants and delivery apps like Uber Eats and DoorDash are thinking about post-pandemic home delivery.
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