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Get the tools your library needs now.
Through technology solutions, timely research, and community programs, OCLC empowers libraries to meet changing needs.
Create a digital extension of your library to give users quick, convenient, and customizable new ways to engage.
See Capira solutions
Inform your institution’s plans for mitigating exposure to COVID-19 with science-based information from OCLC, the Institute of Museum and Library Services, and Battelle.
Explore REALM research
Solutions that strengthen community connections
Library on‑demand: Anything, anytime, anywhere
Learn about our vision to help libraries meet changing expectations through technology, tools, and capacity to create impactful end‑user experiences.
Experience the Library on‑demand
Reach more people
EZproxy® allows libraries to deliver e‑content to users simply, effectively, and securely no matter where or when they’re searching.
See how EZproxy can help
Engage with your community
Reinvent the way your library staff works, build relationships with your community, and measure and communicate the value of your library with OCLC Wise®.
Learn more about Wise
Resources to enhance your expertise
Join the 60,000+ learners who expanded their skills online last year
Library staff and volunteers can access free, live webinars through WebJunction, and on‑demand courses and webinars in our Course Catalog.
Search 400+ courses and webinars

View upcoming webinars
Together, we advance further, faster.
Products & Services
Improving library efficiency
Addressing shared library needs
Identifying library opportunities
See how OCLC member libraries are making an impact.
Our products, services, programs, and research help every type of library work smarter, collaborate better, and meet the changing needs of its users.
Public libraries​Academic librariesSpecial libraries​Research librariesGroups & consortia​Schools
Breakthroughs depend on access to knowledge. Together, member institutions, individual librarians, partners, and staff believe in that mission to share knowledge. And we believe that, together, we can do more.
Because what is known must be shared.
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