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Meeting scenarios
Save time and serve your customers with a range of meeting scenarios
One-on-one meetings
Let your customers schedule meetings with individual team members. Create multiple booking pages with different options for meeting length and location.
Panel meetings
Let your customers schedule meetings with a panel of team members. Create fixed panels with designated individuals or dynamic panels that maximize team availability.
Group sessions
Let several of your customers schedule the same group meeting. Ideal for sales webinars, onboarding sessions, and more.
Session packages
Let your customers schedule a series of meetings as part of a session package. Ideal for coaching sessions, training packages, and more.
One-time links
Share a one-time link for customers to schedule a single meeting with your team. Ideal for keeping your booking pages private to avoid unwanted meetings.
Personalized links
Create personalized links to streamline your customer’s scheduling experience. Save time and increase conversion by pre-populating their name, email address, and more.
Customer guests
Let your customers add guests to existing meetings. Know when guests have been added so that your team is prepared.
Meeting resources
Reserve meeting rooms or equipment when customers schedule meetings. Ideal for face-to-face meetings or when specialised equipment is required.
Meeting rules
Manage your team’s workload with automatic rules and configurations
Booking pages
Create self-service booking pages for team members, panel meetings, resource pools, and more. Share booking pages by email or embed them directly into your website.
Meeting types
Define meeting templates for your team. Share templates across your team to ensure a consistent scheduling experience.
Time management
Manage your team’s time by defining when customers can schedule meetings. Create automatic gaps between meetings to ensure your team is always prepared.
Workload rules
Manage your team’s workload by defining daily or weekly limits for meetings. Manage your team’s availability by limiting the number of meeting slots available each day.
Cancellations and rescheduling
Define cancellation and rescheduling policies for your customers. Include time-based charges or refunds when they make changes to paid meetings.
Meeting notifications
Send confirmations and reminders to ensure your customers never miss a meeting. Customize email and SMS notifications so they match the tone and design of your brand.
Team assignments
Maximize meeting efficiency by connecting your customers with the right team members
Resource pools
Maximize scheduling opportunities by creating groups of team members with similar skill sets.
Pooled availability
Reduce scheduling delays by showing customers the combined availability of all team members in a resource pool.
Round robin assignment
Distribute customers fairly by assigning meetings to the next team member in line.
Priority assignment
Maximize conversion by assigning meetings to team members with the right experience.
Idle time assignment
Distribute customers equally by assigning meetings to team members with the longest idle time.
Manual reassignments
Reassign meetings to a specific individual or to any available team member.
Branding and customization
Create a premium customer experience with advanced branding and customization options
Custom booking pages
Create a seamless scheduling experience with booking pages designed to match your brand.
Custom theme styling
Create a consistent brand experience by customizing fonts, colors, buttons, images, and more.
Custom booking forms
Collect the information you need with custom booking forms. Ask customers to upload attachments, add custom fields, and more.
Custom content localization
Communicate with customers in their own language. Use one of seven built-in languages or add your own.
Custom notifications
Create a consistent communication style by customizing email and SMS notifications.
Custom domain branding
Create a white-label experience by using your domain name for booking pages and emails.
Integrations and APIs
Create a seamless experience for your team with a range of third-party integrations
Workflow integrations
Connect with hundreds of cloud-based apps using Zapier.
CRM integrations
Synchronize your data with Salesforce or Keap Max Classic (formerly Infusionsoft).
Video conferencing integrations
Connect with Zoom, Microsoft Teams, Cisco Webex Meetings, Google Meet, and GoToMeeting.
Calendar integrations
Connect with Google Workspace, Office 365, Exchange, Outlook, or iCloud calendars.
Payment integration
Use PayPal to charge for meetings or cancellations. Save time with automatic invoices, refund policies, and more.
Chromium extension
Share booking page links from Google Chrome, Microsoft Edge, or any Chromium-based browser.
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Security and compliance
Protect your users and your data with enterprise-grade security and compliance
Multi-user support and security
Manage your users with system roles, access controls, password policies, and two-factor authentication (2FA).
Single sign-on (SSO)
Protect your data with SAML2.0-based single sign-on. Compatible with Okta, Azure, OneLogin, Google Workspace, and other identity providers.
Data management and retention
Manage data deletion requests and stay compliant with data privacy laws.
Data privacy and compliance
OnceHub complies with a range of privacy laws and industry standards, including GDPR, PCI Level 1, SOC 2, HIPAA, and FERPA.
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