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Optimizing your team’s schedules
Your team members are meeting with multiple clients on a daily basis. Scheduling these client meetings and dealing with schedule changes can be as time consuming as conducting the meetings themselves.
OnceHub gives you the tools to optimize team members’ schedules without always having to be by the computer or phone. The administrative overheads associated with scheduling are eliminated by automating the complete booking lifecycle process. If customers end up canceling or rescheduling, the time slot will be immediately freed up for your staff to accept new bookings. In addition, you can fill up your calendar in advance by offering session packages at potentially discounted prices, increasing customer commitment and loyalty to your organization. All activity is available in reports, giving you the information you need to analyze your offerings and make changes as necessary.
Offer scheduling for personalized sessions
Each coaching session may have different requirements. For example, one client may require an hour-long review in the coming week, while another may need a quick strategy session tomorrow. Coordinating meetings with different requirements can be tedious and take up your valuable time.
With OnceHub, you can streamline the scheduling of tailored client sessions. Each client can be sent a personalized one time invitation with their specific meeting requirements. Scheduling meetings with different requirements will become routine and you will be able to focus on conducting your sessions instead of coordinating them.
Bring together multiple subject matter experts
Clients come to your firm with complex needs. To provide the best solution, you may need a team of subject matter experts.
With OnceHub, you can create panel meetings, allowing clients to meet with multiple consultants simultaneously. You can choose specific consultants, or an area of expertise and OnceHub will assign a relevant consultant.
When a customer clicks on your scheduling link, they will only see availability for possible panel combinations. Coordinating meetings with your colleagues will be simple and your clients will appreciate the attention and expertise your firm provides.
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