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Tag Cloud showing the most popular book tags to create lists
Tags allow members to mark books so that they can be displayed together in a list format with one click! The Club Tag Cloud shows an overview of the most-commonly used tags in the club.
The tags shown below are the 250 tags currently being used by the most members. Click any tag to see the list of books bearing that tag. The number to the right of each tag = the number of members who are currently using that tag. For more information about tags, what they are and how to use them, click here. For more information about tag clouds, click here.
1001 Books You Must Read Before You Die211 1st in Series480 2nd in Series372 3rd in series328 4th in series225 5th in series188 abridged353 Action200adoption174 adventure565 Africa262 African American184 Alaska195 American Girl194 American History284 angels205 animals424 Anthology298 Art331Australia178 Autobiography383 baby264 Baseball253bestseller240 Bible322 Bible Study258 Biographies & Memoirs181 biography850 book 1253 book 2216 book 3185 Business369 california183 cancer175cats370 Chick lit842 children575children 4-8320 Children 9-12388 Children's​196​Children's book​1,239​children's fiction239 Childrens228 childrens book208China280 Christian982 Christian Fiction985 Christian living275 christian non-fiction277 Christian romance337 Christianity​444​Christmas​684 Christmas children's194 Civil War348 classic783 classic literature357Classics358 comedy398 coming of age300contemporary fiction205 contemporary romance​249​Cookbook​864 Cooking467 Cozy Mystery296Crafts479 crime237 death211 Decorating​187​Depression​190 Detective229 Devotional280 Diet443Disney306 divorce182 dog206 Dogs495 Dragons247drama295 Education440 Educational193 England352erotic romance181 Erotica323 essays186 Faith203family470 Fantasy1,033 Fantasy Series391 Fiction1,167 Fiction Novel243Finance181 First in A Series185 Food234 France258friendship379 funny391 Gardening360 Ghosts263graphic novel238 Health592 health & wellness227healthy eating206 Historical​315​Historical Fiction​1,428 Historical Mystery​224​Historical Romance​679​History​935 History - American273 Holocaust​291​homeschool​659 Homeschooling​214​horror​700 horses373 How To​185​humor​1,119 humorous234 India​233​Inspirational​592 Ireland290 Italy251 james patterson214 Japan195 Jewish203 kids268 Knitting218Large Print183 LARGE PRINT BOOK400 Legal Thriller213 literature318 Literature and Fiction180London200 love459 Love story245 made into a movie213Magic419 manga245 marriage413 Math247medical231 memoir827 mental illness185military223 motherhood202 movie371 Movie Tie-in301Murder435 murder mystery501 Music347Mysteries183 Mystery​2,060​mystery & thriller497 Mystery & Thrillers199mystery series565 Native Americans249 nature222New York City273 New York Times Bestseller240 Newbery Medal Winner189 Non-Fiction651 nonfiction197Novel228 nutrition208 Oprah Book Club437 Oprah's Book Club213 Paranormal432 Paranormal Romance539 Parenting620 Pets257philosophy299 photography263 poetry569politics466 Prayer175 pregnancy306 psychology​394​quilting​254 Recipes323 Reference352 Regency Romance179 relationships486 religion632Religion & Spirituality245 religious​180​Romance​1,906 romance > contemporary337 romance > historical299 romance series176 Romantic Suspense467 Russia180satire198 school182 Science425 Science - Children​205​Science Fiction926 Scotland200self help769 self improvement273 Self-help369serial killer210 Series526 Sewing176 sex204Shakespeare227 Short Stories664 sisters179Sonlight Curriculum189 Southern fiction268 Spanish236spiritual184 spirituality401 Sports333 Star Trek196Star Wars234 Stephanie Plum191 stephen king223supernatural243 survival193 Suspense​820​suspense thriller326 Teen505 Teen Fiction306Teens227 Texas182 textbook335 Thriller​990​Thriller & Mystery197 Time Travel353 travel604travel guide252 True Crime439 true story249unabridged284 Unabridged CD175 vampire385Vampire Romance385 vampires767 war320wedding191 Weight Loss338 Western347 witches233women487 women's fiction275 Womens Studies182World War II306 Writing296 WW II191 WWII213young adult756 Young Adult Fiction312

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