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To make education accessible to all.
We believe education is a human right, so we built an online library with accessibility, affordability and sustainability at its core.

A simple solution
Not so long ago our founders, Gauthier and Matt, were students struggling to pay for textbooks, like so many of their peers. Textbook prices continue to skyrocket, leaving students unable to afford the resources they need. Some students resort to piracy and second-hand books, but many others are priced out of the education system altogether. This not only limits student’s access to knowledge but also leaves researchers, authors and the publishing industry at a loss.
Perlego was born to provide an affordable (and sustainable) textbook solution for learners around the world, by partnering with publishers and removing the costs of print, distribution, and retail markup.
Improving the lives of learners globally
We believe education has the power to transform lives. By empowering people with all the resources they need to learn, we can give everyone a fair chance at a brighter future.
Our bursary programme
Supporting publishers & academia
Knowing which sources you can trust has never been more important. By partnering with publishers we support researchers and the creation of trustworthy educational resources.
Building a more sustainable future
We’ve built sustainability into our core by cutting out resource-heavy print and distribution services. As we grow we’re working hard to make a positive impact on our planet.
Our sustainability pledge
Here is what we promise.
To be open
We are honest and open about our business, what drives us and what keeps us up at night. We’re young and have a lot of growing to do, but we can’t do that alone. By sharing our journey with you, we can build a product that people love.
To be inclusive
We ensure inclusivity, both in the way we run our business and the way we build Perlego. This means accessibility is close to our hearts, ensuring people with learning disabilities and visual impairments can enjoy Perlego too.
To have integrity
We mean what we say and say what we mean. So, we will always work tirelessly to deliver a product that improves the lives of learners around the world and we will continue to build a business that we are proud of.
Our accessiblity statement
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