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SHORT READ | OCT 28, 2020
Americans blame unfair news coverage on media outlets, not the journalists who work for them
About eight-in-ten Americans (79%) say news organizations tend to favor one side when presenting the news on political and social issues.
REPORT | FEB 26, 2020
Most say journalists should be watchdogs, but views of how well they fill this role vary by party, media diet
Nearly three out of four U.S. adults say that, in general, it’s important for journalists to function as watchdogs over elected officials.
SHORT READ | MAY 10, 2019
It’s more common for white, older, more-educated Americans to have spoken with local journalists
Overall, about two-in-ten Americans say they have ever spoken with or been interviewed by a local journalist.
SHORT READ | MAR 26, 2019
Most Americans – especially Republicans – say local journalists shouldn’t express views on local issues
There are partisan divisions over certain aspects of local news reporting, including whether local journalists should express views on local issues.
SHORT READ | OCT 4, 2018
Newsroom employees earn less than other college-educated workers in U.S.
Newsroom employees are more than twice as likely as other U.S. workers to be college graduates. But they tend to make less money than college-educated workers in other industries.
SHORT READ | JAN 7, 2016
In 21 states, local newspapers lack a dedicated D.C. reporter covering Congress
Between 2009 and 2014, the number of Washington-based reporters for local newspapers accredited by the Senate to cover Congress declined by 11%.
SHORT READ | MAR 27, 2015
How citizens and investigative journalists handle privacy protection
The public's muted response on possible government monitoring of their online behavior differs from that of investigative journalists, whose work makes them potential targets for monitoring.
FEATURE | FEB 5, 2015
How Investigative Journalists View Surveillance and Digital Security
The U.S.-based members of Investigative Reporters & Editors we surveyed were asked to describe how electronic surveillance and hacking have influenced their work or journalism as a whole.
FEATURE | FEB 5, 2015
How Investigative Journalists View Surveillance and Digital Security
REPORT | FEB 5, 2015
Investigative Journalists and Digital Security
Two-thirds of IRE journalists believe the U.S. government has probably collected data on their communications. But few have been dissuaded to pursue a story because of such concerns.

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