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REPORT | JUN 16, 2017
Network News Fact Sheet
Network TV news – appointment viewing for more than 20 million Americans – has experienced relative stability in the size of its audience over the past decade.
SHORT READ | JUN 1, 2017
Despite subscription surges for largest U.S. newspapers, circulation and revenue fall for industry overall
Some major newspapers reported a sharp jump in digital subscriptions, but the industry as a whole faced ongoing challenges in 2016.
REPORT | JUN 1, 2017
Cable News Fact Sheet
Cable TV is home to a set of news channels that have become a destination for political news.
SHORT READ | MAY 11, 2017
Buying spree brings more local TV stations to fewer big companies
As of 2016, Sinclair, Nexstar, Gray, Tegna and Tribune owned an estimated 37% of all full-power local TV stations in the country.
REPORT | MAY 10, 2017
Americans’ Attitudes About the News Media Deeply Divided Along Partisan Lines
Roughly nine-in-ten Democrats say news media criticism keeps leaders in line (sometimes called the news media’s “watchdog role”), while only about four-in-ten Republicans say the same.
SHORT READ | FEB 17, 2017
For election news, young people turned to some national papers more than their elders
When we asked people if they regularly got news about the 2016 presidential election through either the print or online version of four specific U.S. newspapers, three of these papers – The New York Times, The Washington Post and The Wall Street Journal – attracted more adults younger than 50 than 50 and older as regular readers.
SHORT READ | JAN 25, 2017
Most officers say the media treat police unfairly
Among the challenges U.S. police officers perceive on the job is a widespread feeling that police are mistreated by the media.
REPORT | DEC 15, 2016
Many Americans Believe Fake News Is Sowing Confusion
About two-in-three U.S. adults say fake news stories cause a great deal of confusion about the basic facts of current issues. And nearly a quarter say they have ever shared completely made-up news.
SHORT READ | NOV 18, 2016
Majority of U.S. adults think news media should not add interpretation to the facts
A majority of U.S. adults (59%) reject the idea of adding interpretation, saying that the news media should present the facts alone
REPORT | OCT 17, 2016
Trump, Clinton Supporters Differ on How Media Should Cover Controversial Statements
As the news media cover the turbulent 2016 presidential election, there’s been considerable debate around how much emphasis they should put on inaccurate or potentially offensive statements made by candidates.

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