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SHORT READ | OCT 12, 2016
Americans more tolerant of offensive speech than others in the world
Enshrined in the Bill of Rights, free expression is a bedrock American principle, and Americans tend to express stronger support for free expression than many others around the world.
SHORT READ | SEP 22, 2016
More say press is too easy on Trump than said so of Romney, McCain
Only a slim minority thinks the news media’s coverage of Trump and Clinton is too tough, a view the public also held in previous general elections.
SHORT READ | AUG 9, 2016
Newspaper companies lag behind their broadcast siblings after spinoffs
An analysis of the spinoffs shows that the broadcasting components of the original companies (which also retained many digital properties) have mostly outperformed their publishing counterparts in terms of operating profit margins.
REPORT | JUN 15, 2016
State of the News Media 2016
The past year brought pressures to America’s newspaper newsrooms not seen since the Great Recession. From broadcast to print to digital and more, this year’s annual report takes stock of the state of the news media.
SHORT READ | JAN 27, 2016
Crowdfunding enables diverse new frontier for journalism projects
Though the revenue involved and amount of content produced are nowhere near what comes through the more mainstream media, crowdfunding can help bring to reality work that might otherwise not see the light of day.
REPORT | JAN 20, 2016
Crowdfunded Journalism: A Small but Growing Addition to Publicly Driven Journalism
The number of journalism projects funded through Kickstarter has grown over time, totaling more than 650 projects and nearly $6.3 million by mid-September 2015.
SHORT READ | JAN 7, 2016
In 21 states, local newspapers lack a dedicated D.C. reporter covering Congress
Between 2009 and 2014, the number of Washington-based reporters for local newspapers accredited by the Senate to cover Congress declined by 11%.
REPORT | DEC 3, 2015
Today’s Washington Press Corps More Digital, Specialized
There are more niche news outlet reporters than daily newspaper reporters on Capitol Hill. In the late 1990s, daily newspaper staff outnumbered niche reporters by more than two-to-one.
SHORT READ | AUG 4, 2015
In the news industry, diversity is lowest at smaller outlets
Minorities are still underrepresented at U.S. news organizations, especially when it comes to the places that would-be journalists traditionally try to break into the business: smaller local TV and newspaper outlets.
SHORT READ | JUN 25, 2015
Why a mobile news startup couldn’t survive in a mobile news world
Circa is the latest casualty of a fragile digital news scene that is by no means immune to the risks facing startups in general.

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