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REPORT | SEP 30, 2021
Globally, Social Hostilities Related to Religion Decline in 2019, While Government Restrictions Remain at Highest Levels
The number of countries with terrorist activity related to religion declines for a fifth consecutive year.
Key findings about religious restrictions around the world in 2019
Interactive: Religious restrictions around the world
REPORT | OCT 15, 2021
Most Americans Who Go to Religious Services Say They Would Trust Their Clergy’s Advice on COVID-19 Vaccines
REPORT | SEP 21, 2021
Religious Composition of India
REPORT | MAY 11, 2021
Jewish Americans in 2020
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SHORT READ | OCT 15, 2021
In historically Black Protestant churches, regular attenders more likely to have received COVID-19 shot
82% of members of the historically Black Protestant tradition who attend church regularly have received at least one dose of a COVID-19 vaccine.
REPORT | OCT 15, 2021
Most Americans Who Go to Religious Services Say They Would Trust Their Clergy’s Advice on COVID-19 Vaccines
Most U.S. adults who regularly attend religious services voice confidence in their clergy to provide guidance on the coronavirus vaccine.
REPORT | OCT 13, 2021
Diversity and Division in Advanced Economies
Wide majorities in most of the 17 advanced economies surveyed say having people of many different backgrounds improves their society, but most also see conflicts between partisan, racial and ethnic groups.
SHORT READ | OCT 7, 2021
Two-thirds of U.S. Catholics unaware of pope’s new restrictions on traditional Latin Mass
Weekly Mass-goers and Catholic Republicans express higher levels of disapproval of the pope’s new restrictions.
SHORT READ | SEP 30, 2021
Key findings about restrictions on religion around the world in 2019
Social hostilities around the world involving religion declined in 2019 to the lowest level in five years.
SHORT READ | SEP 21, 2021
Key findings about the religious composition of India
Religious pluralism has long been a core value in India. A new report shows that India’s religious composition has been fairly stable since 1951.
REPORT | SEP 21, 2021
Religious Composition of India
All major religious groups in India have shown sharp declines in their fertility rates, limiting change in the country’s religious composition since 1951. Meanwhile, fertility differences between India’s religious groups are generally much smaller than they used to be.
SHORT READ | SEP 20, 2021
10 facts about Americans and coronavirus vaccines
As the drive to inoculate more people continues, here are 10 facts about Americans and COVID-19 vaccines.
SHORT READ | SEP 15, 2021
More White Americans adopted than shed evangelical label during Trump presidency, especially his supporters
A new analysis of survey data finds that there has been no large-scale departure from evangelicalism among White Americans.
SHORT READ | SEP 1, 2021
Muslims are a growing presence in U.S., but still face negative views from the public
The U.S. Muslim population has grown in the decades since 9/11, but views toward them have become increasingly polarized along political lines.
Signature Reports
REPORT | JUN 29, 2021
Religion in India: Tolerance and Segregation
Indians see religious tolerance as a central part of who they are as a nation. Across the major religious groups, most people say it is very important to respect all religions to be “truly Indian.”
REPORT | FEB 16, 2021
Faith Among Black Americans
Today, most Black adults say they rely on prayer to help make major decisions, and view opposing racism as essential to their religious faith.
REPORT | JAN 4, 2021
Faith on the Hill
When it comes to religious affiliation, the 117th U.S. Congress looks similar to the previous Congress but quite different from Americans overall.
REPORT | SEP 30, 2021
Globally, Social Hostilities Related to Religion Decline in 2019, While Government Restrictions Remain at Highest Levels
Social hostilities involving religion, including violence and harassment against religious groups by private individuals and groups, declined in 2019, according to Pew Research Center’s 12th annual study of global restrictions on religion, which examines 198 countries and territories.
FEATURE | NOV 12, 2020
Religious restrictions around the world
FEATURE | FEB 19, 2020
Muslims and Islam Knowledge Quiz
FEATURE | JUL 23, 2019
U.S. Religious Knowledge Quiz
FEATURE | SEP 14, 2018
Religious Typology Quiz

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