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REPORT | SEP 15, 2021
Majority in U.S. Says Public Health Benefits of COVID-19 Restrictions Worth the Costs, Even as Large Shares Also See Downsides
73% say they are vaccinated, but at least half express confusion, concern over vaccine information and health impacts.
SHORT READ | OCT 14, 2021
67% of Americans perceive a rise in extreme weather, but partisans differ over government efforts to address it
SHORT READ | JUL 23, 2021
On climate change, Republicans are open to some policy approaches, even as they assign the issue low priority
REPORT | MAY 26, 2021
Gen Z, Millennials Stand Out for Climate Change Activism, Social Media Engagement With Issue
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SHORT READ | OCT 15, 2021
In historically Black Protestant churches, regular attenders more likely to have received COVID-19 shot
82% of members of the historically Black Protestant tradition who attend church regularly have received at least one dose of a COVID-19 vaccine.
REPORT | OCT 15, 2021
Most Americans Who Go to Religious Services Say They Would Trust Their Clergy’s Advice on COVID-19 Vaccines
Most U.S. adults who regularly attend religious services voice confidence in their clergy to provide guidance on the coronavirus vaccine.
SHORT READ | OCT 8, 2021
States have mandated vaccinations since long before COVID-19
Republican- and Democratic-led states alike already require hundreds of thousands of citizens to be vaccinated against various diseases.
SHORT READ | OCT 4, 2021
Most U.S. Latinos say global climate change and other environmental issues impact their local communities
Latinos broadly support an array of policy measures to address climate change and other environmental issues.
SHORT READ | SEP 24, 2021
Unvaccinated Americans are at higher risk from COVID-19 but express less concern than vaccinated adults
Unvaccinated Americans are less likely to be concerned about health effects of COVID-19 and to wear masks in businesses all or most of the time.
SHORT READ | SEP 23, 2021
Americans who relied most on Trump for COVID-19 news among least likely to be vaccinated
Looking at respondents to 2020 and 2021 surveys reveals differences in vaccination rates based on where people turned most for COVID-19 news.
SHORT READ | SEP 22, 2021
With extreme weather events and other disasters on the rise, how well are Americans prepared?
Powerful storms, wildfires, heat waves and other extreme climate-related events are projected to become more common and affect more people.
SHORT READ | SEP 20, 2021
Polls on COVID-19 vaccination closely align with CDC data
Public polling estimates on COVID-19 vaccination have been within about 2.8 points, on average, of the CDC's calculated rate.
SHORT READ | SEP 20, 2021
10 facts about Americans and coronavirus vaccines
As the drive to inoculate more people continues, here are 10 facts about Americans and COVID-19 vaccines.
SHORT READ | SEP 17, 2021
Many people globally see United Nations in a positive light, including its handling of climate change
A median of 67% in 17 publics express a favorable opinion of the UN, compared with a median of 29% who have an unfavorable opinion.
Signature Reports
REPORT | MAR 5, 2021
Growing Share of Americans Say They Plan To Get a COVID-19 Vaccine – or Already Have
77% think vaccinations will benefit the economy.
REPORT | SEP 29, 2020
Science and Scientists Held in High Esteem Across Global Publics
Majorities across 20 publics say government investments in scientific research are worthwhile and express a lot or some confidence in scientists to do what is right for the public.
REPORT | JUN 23, 2020
Two-Thirds of Americans Think Government Should Do More on Climate
There is bipartisan support for several proposals to reduce the effects of climate change, especially for large scale tree-plantings to help absorb carbon emissions and offering tax credits to businesses that capture carbon emissions.
REPORT | MAY 21, 2020
Trust in Medical Scientists Has Grown in U.S., but Mainly Among Democrats
About six-in-ten Americans believe social distancing measures are helping a lot to slow the spread of coronavirus in the nation.
FEATURE | SEP 29, 2020
Public Views About Science in the United States
FEATURE | MAR 28, 2019
Science Knowledge Quiz
REPORT | FEB 10, 2019
Climate Change Still Seen as the Top Global Threat, but Cyberattacks a Rising Concern
DATA ESSAY | AUG 26, 2020
The Relationship Between Science and Religion

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