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SHORT READ | AUG 17, 2021
6 facts about Jains in India
Indians overall know very little about Jainism and its practices. Here are six facts about Jains in India, from a June 2021 Center report.
SHORT READ | AUG 4, 2021
Women are becoming more involved in U.S. mosques
Women continue to be less involved than men in mosque life in the U.S., but the pattern appears to be changing.
SHORT READ | JUL 8, 2021
Eight-in-ten Indians limit meat in their diets, and four-in-ten consider themselves vegetarian
Among India’s six largest religious groups, some are much more likely than others to abstain from eating meat.
SHORT READ | JUL 6, 2021
Most Indians, including most Hindus, do not practice yoga
Just about a third of Indian adults (35%) say they ever practice yoga, including 22% who say they do so monthly or less.
SHORT READ | JUN 29, 2021
Key findings about religion in India
Our new survey of 29,999 Indian adults takes a closer look at religious identity, nationalism and tolerance in Indian society.
REPORT | JUN 29, 2021
Religion in India: Tolerance and Segregation
Indians see religious tolerance as a central part of who they are as a nation. Across the major religious groups, most people say it is very important to respect all religions to be “truly Indian.”
SHORT READ | JUN 8, 2021
How younger U.S. Jews are similar to – and different from – older U.S. Jews
Jews ages 18 to 29 are just as likely as those 65 and older to say they attend religious services at least monthly (22% each).
SHORT READ | MAY 13, 2021
Jews in U.S. are far less religious than Christians and Americans overall, at least by traditional measures
Based on certain traditional measures of religious observance, U.S. Jews are far less religious than U.S. Christians and Americans overall.
SHORT READ | APR 29, 2021
Most Black Protestants say denominational affiliation is less important than inspiring sermons
When it comes to choosing a house of worship, most Black Americans don’t prioritize denominational labels.
SHORT READ | MAR 30, 2021
U.S. Catholics divided by party on whether Biden should be denied Communion over his abortion stance
67% of U.S. Catholics say Joe Biden should be allowed to receive Communion during Mass, while 29% say he should not be allowed to do this.

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