England indoor dining resumes, but where are all the staff?
The World May 17, 2021
More than 1 in 10 hospitality workers in the UK have left the industry over the past year due to COVID-19. Between Brexit and the pandemic, owners are short-staffed, now that indoor dining is back.
Is Brexit destabilizing Northern Ireland?
The World May 07, 2021
Last month's violence in Northern Ireland was blamed on anger over Brexit but, upon closer inspection, the issues run much deeper.
Concerns about an English border loom over Scottish elections
The World May 05, 2021
Political heat is rising in the Scottish borderlands as pro-independence parties lean toward getting the majority in Thursday’s Scottish parliamentary elections.
British musicians warn of devastating impact of new Brexit rules 
The World February 17, 2021
Since Jan. 1, when Britain formally left the European Union, musicians and crews can no longer travel freely through Europe while touring.
UK, EU leaders to meet Wednesday amid Brexit no-deal signals
Associated Press December 08, 2020
The leaders of Britain and the European Union will meet in the next 24 hours for a final push at a Brexit deal, as the two sides warned that the chances of a post-Brexit trade deal by a year-end deadline is slipping away.
Europe’s far-right stands behind Trump in US 2020 election
The World September 29, 2020
Supporting an American president is highly unusual for far-right politicians in Europe, but many see Donald Trump as an anti-establishment figure who rallies against elites.
Global Politics
UK officials 'avoided' looking into Russian meddling
Associated Press July 21, 2020
A long-awaited report on Russian meddling in British politics criticized the UK government for failing to investigate whether Moscow interfered in the 2016 Brexit referendum, with the document's authors describing the lack of curiosity about this threat to democracy as a major failure at the heart of power.
Top of The World
Britain 'actively avoided' looking into Russia meddling; EU reaches stimulus deal; New US sanctions on Chinese companies
The World July 21, 2020
Britain's government failed to determine and "actively avoided" looking into whether Russia meddled in the country. And, European Union leaders reached a $857 billion deal on a massive stimulus plan. Also, the US announced sanctions against a new group of 11 Chinese companies, accusing them of alleged involvement in human rights violations against Uighurs.
Brexit? It’s still a thing.
The World May 14, 2020
Thought Brexit was over, right? Wrong. Britain did leave the EU at the end of January, but in reality, nothing much has changed. The real deadline is Dec. 31, and negotiations are set to take place until then. There’s just one problem: a pandemic.
With Brexit here, Poles in the UK wonder where home is
The World January 31, 2020
In recent years, Polish was the second-most common language in the UK. That's why in 2016, when the Brexit vote passed, the Polish community felt particularly targeted.
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