On China's New Silk Road
These essays are part of "On China's New Silk Road," a podcast by the Global Reporting Centre that tracks China's global ambitions. Over nine episodes, Mary Kay Magistad, a former China correspondent for The World, partners with local journalists on five continents to uncover the effects of the most sweeping global infrastructure initiative in history.
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Chinese Communist Party 100 years: Xi warns China won’t be bullied
The World July 01, 2021
China's president warns against bullying from foreign powers on the 100th anniversary of the Chinese Communist Party. And, two-term US defense secretary Donald Rumsfeld dies at the age of 88, with the controversial 2003 invasion of Iraq highlighting his career. Also, a First Nation Indigenous community in Canada finds the remains of an additional 182 children in unmarked graves near a Catholic-church run residential school.
Global Politics
Massive celebrations planned for 100th anniversary of the Communist Party of China
The World June 30, 2021
Commemorations mark a century since Mao Zedong met secretly with a dozen men to establish the CPC and change the course of history forever.
On China's New Silk Road
As Ethiopia’s civil conflict intensifies, the future for Chinese investment is uncertain
The World November 27, 2020
China’s investments helped Ethiopia become one of the world’s fastest-growing economies. Now, the country is embroiled in a conflict that has displaced tens of thousands — and threatens to destabilize a region in which China is heavily invested.
On China's New Silk Road
India guards against China’s growing regional plans
The World November 17, 2020
Leaders in Delhi have resisted Beijing’s efforts to pull India into networks that China leads or dominates, including the Belt and Road Initiative and China-Pakistan Economic Corridor.
On China's New Silk Road
China's new Silk Road runs through cyberspace, worrying rivals and privacy advocates
The World October 27, 2020
China is fast becoming a global leader in cutting-edge technologies — such as artificial intelligence, facial recognition, surveillance and 5G. But critics say China’s technology enables authoritarian control and increases dependence on an autocratic state.
China's Arctic ambitions have revived US interest in the region
The World October 12, 2020
As part of its global Belt and Road Initiative, China is investing in the Arctic — setting up research stations, investing in mining and energy, and working with Russia to create a new sea route through the Arctic Ocean. It's also stoked concerns from the US.
On China's New Silk Road
China's new Silk Road runs through Latin America, prompting warnings from the US
The World October 06, 2020
Many Latin American countries have joined China’s Belt and Road Initiative, including Panama. As Mexico considers whether to join, some countries in the region face pressure from the Trump administration not to get too close to China.
On China's New Silk Road
Opening the door to Chinese investment comes with risks for Southeast Asian nations
The World September 28, 2020
Southeast Asian countries have long managed a complex relationship with China, the region’s biggest trading partner and their most powerful neighbor. China's new Silk Road promises opportunities for economic growth, but at what cost?
On China's New Silk Road
Italy is caught in the middle of the EU's tussle with its 'systemic rival,' China
The World September 21, 2020
Italian populists—skeptical of the value of EU membership—drove Italy to become the first G7 country to join China’s Belt and Road Initiative. Then the pandemic brought generous EU aid, leaving Italy to reassess who its real friends are and how best to help its economy.
On China's New Silk Road
China's new Silk Road traverses Kazakhstan. But some Kazakhs are skeptical of Chinese influence.
The World September 14, 2020
The tradeoffs of China's investment in Kazakhstan require Kazakhs — most of whom are Muslim — to reckon with the persecution of Muslim minorities just across their border.
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