US politics
Why the Supreme Court asked for an explanation of the 2020 census citizenship question
The Conversation June 28, 2019
Given the weak justification for the citizenship question, rubber-stamping it without further inquiry could well have been a stain on the Supreme Court's legitimacy.
Generation Putin
Marco Werman: A Cold War baby visits Putin's Russia
The World June 28, 2019
Marco Werman visited Russia for the first time earlier this year. In Moscow, he saw the careful editing of Soviet history and the rise of Western commercialism.
With cryptocurrency launch, Facebook sets its path toward becoming an independent nation
The Conversation June 19, 2019
Facebook has announced a plan to launch a new cryptocurrency named the Libra. Their plans are backed by major companies such as Visa, PayPal and Uber. With a user base of 2 billion people worldwide, Facebook is positioned to pressure countries and central banks to cooperate with its reinvention of the global financial system.
'I still get tweets to go back in the kitchen' – the enduring power of sexism in sports media
The Conversation June 13, 2019
Although the US women’s national soccer team has long been the envy of the world, they face being upstaged by regional men's soccer teams. Female athletes and journalists continue to face serious barriers as local news outlets spend only 3% of their airtime covering women’s sports and more than 90% of anchors, commentators and editors are men.
Global Nation Education
I am from Hong Kong, not China
The World June 04, 2019
Frances Hui, a student in Emerson College from Hong Kong, is proud of her city's tradition of democratic rule and independent spirit. She penned a column for her college newspaper talking about her identity and received backlash from fellow students.
What Israel's new election reveals about the struggle over Jewishness
The Conversation May 30, 2019
In Israel, secular and religious social practices and lifestyles have continued to clash. Israel's most recent election and Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu's recent failure to form a coalition highlighted some of these struggles that continue to divide Israel's citizens.
Global Politics
Laws are chipping away at democracy around the world
The Conversation April 02, 2019
New research shows how recent laws have slowly eroded the role of nongovernmental agencies all over the world . Experts have said that these actions threaten democracy in countries where institutions have already become weak. See where and how laws like these have had their biggest impact.
The US adoption system discriminates against darker-skinned children
The Conversation February 21, 2019
Darker-skinned children wait longer to be adopted and it costs more to adopt a white baby.
Commentary: Trump’s immigration blame game
The Center for Public Integrity February 06, 2019
Migrants have long assumed costs, risks of border crossing — but Trump’s finger pointing now adds to the burden.
Why I can’t quit Facebook: I want to click 'love' when I see refugees' big milestones
The World February 04, 2019
The World reporter Tania Karas covers global migration and often meets people on the move. Because of Facebook, she's been able to watch the milestones of refugees long after parting ways.
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