Washington just spent a month in gridlock over the wall. Will Trump's State of the Union speech change anything?
The World February 04, 2019
In Trump's 2018 address, he outlined a four-pillar plan for immigration reform. Since the speech, he's focused on funding for a border wall, which caused the stalemate and the longest government shutdown in US history.
Global Politics
Garbage collection in Syria is crucial to fighting ISIS
The Conversation January 17, 2019
Syrian refugees will never go back home if their towns can’t offer the basic services they enjoyed before the war. A lack of basic civil services leaves a perfect vacuum for extremist groups like ISIS to exploit by taking control of essentially ungoverned territory.
These fourth graders penned climate change poetry inspired by our coverage
The World December 21, 2018
A story from The World inspired a Boston 4th grader to write a poem about climate change and the Amazon. Then her whole class got into the act.
Only a few terrorist groups achieve their goals, study finds
The Conversation December 20, 2018
In a study of 90 political groups, those who used terrorism achieved their goals less than those who used other tactics.
What it's like being a lawyer for Cambodian deportees
Asian American Writers' Workshop December 17, 2018
Immigration attorney Kevin Chun Hoi Lo, who grew up in San Francisco's Chinatown, helped stop 30 Cambodians from being deported from the US last year. Months later, many were deported anyway.
Conflict in Cameroon is extracting a heavy toll on ordinary people
The Conversation December 11, 2018
Until a few years ago, Cameroon was a nation on the move. But a peaceful protest three years ago against the marginalization of Anglophone Cameroon quickly turned violent, leading for many to call for the formation of a separate republic — and the conflict has taken its toll.
The first genome edited babies are here. What happens next?
GlobalPost November 27, 2018
Commentary: The world’s first genome edited babies were inevitable and even predictable, despite an apparent disregard for all global scientific and ethical norms.
Why does the migrant 'caravan' exist? And how did it come to be?
The Conversation November 02, 2018
About 7,000 migrants — mostly from Guatemala and Honduras — are heading to the US. The roots of their plight are connected to a deadly history of US involvement in Central America, says assistant professor Jerry Flores.
Saudi Arabia’s gathering storm over its erratic crown prince
The Conversation October 31, 2018
Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman's personal character faces global scrutiny after serious suspicions of his alleged involvement in the murder of Saudi journalist Jamal Khashoggi.
Brazil’s version of Trump makes Trump look like Mr. Rogers
Reveal October 29, 2018
Jair Bolsonaro's rise from fringe candidate to Brazil’s next president has, of course, been likened to Trump’s rise from reality TV star to the White House. But Bolsonaro makes Trump look like Mr. Rogers.  
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