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Spiritual leaders seek to spur an 'ecological conversion'
Living on Earth May 13, 2021
From Native American traditions to Eastern thought to mainstream Catholicism, spiritual teachings call on humanity to live in harmony with nature.
The Big Fix
Amsterdam bans fossil fuel ads from its metro
The World May 13, 2021
Advocates hope the ban on ads glorifying cheap flights and gas-guzzling cars will pave the way for larger, more comprehensive ad bans across the Netherlands and beyond.  
COVID-19 may impact Nepal's climbing season, but government denies rising cases
The World May 07, 2021
Mountaineers say COVID-19 is rapidly spreading on Mount Everest. "We could have a very, very bad tragedy this year," said Leo Namen, a climber from Canada.
The Big Fix
Latin American and Caribbean countries use volcanic landscapes to tap geothermal energy
The World May 07, 2021
Global capacity for geothermal energy has nearly doubled over the past two decades.
GPS tracking could help tigers and traffic coexist across Asia
The Conversation May 03, 2021
An infrastructure boom threatens endangered tigers across Asia. Scientists want to know more about how tigers behave near roads so they can design wildlife-friendly transportation networks.
Oscar-winning 'My Octopus Teacher' highlights connectivity and environmental issues
The World April 30, 2021
South African Oscar-winning "My Octopus Teacher" draws attention to human connectivity with nature and environmental issues.
Health & Medicine
Environmental DNA: How a tool used to detect endangered wildlife ended up helping fight the COVID-19 pandemic
The Conversation April 29, 2021
Technology that can identify stray bits of genetic material in the environment can help scientists monitor human and animal health.
Trying to measure fracking's toll on human health
Living on Earth April 26, 2021
The fracking boom has transformed large swaths of rural America, turning towns from idyllic to industrial and threatening the physical and mental health of many inhabitants.
Arts, Culture & Media
Oscar-nominated 'Wolfwalkers' blends environmental, spiritual history of Ireland
The World April 23, 2021
This Oscar contender mixes fantastical folktales and Irish history to tell a story that feels fresh.
Climate Change
Capitalism is ruining the world, and can save it, says economist
Innovation Hub April 22, 2021
Social and environmental concerns are now being embraced by corporate America. Here’s why.
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