Foreign policy
Hong Kong politics
In Hong Kong, lighting a candle for Tiananmen victims is now a crime
The World June 03, 2021
Wearing black, or being in or around Victoria Park on the anniversary, could also land someone a one-year sentence in jail.
Foreign policy
US special envoys have 'the luxury' to focus on a single diplomacy issue, former envoy says
The World June 02, 2021
Kurt Volker, the former special envoy for Ukraine negotiations, joins The World's host Marco Werman to explain the unique role that special envoys play in foreign policy.
Reproductive rights
China now allows 3 kids per family, but many couples say they can’t afford it
The World June 01, 2021
As China grapples with an aging population and the lowest birth rate in decades, the government is urging couples to have a third child.
Critical State
Sexual violence in conflict: Part II
Inkstick Media June 01, 2021
Critical State, our foreign policy newsletter, takes a deep dive into the ethics of studying wartime sexual violence.
Top of The World
Germany apologizes for genocide in Namibia
The World May 28, 2021
Top of The World: Germany on Friday formally acknowledged that it committed genocide in the colonial-era killings of tens of thousands of people in Namibia. And, Moscow banned French and Austrian passenger airlines from flying over Russian airspace. Also, US Attorney General Merrick Garland announced in a memo on Thursday new steps to combat the growing number of hate crimes in the US.
Caste in America
Lawsuits bring attention to caste discrimination in the US
The World May 27, 2021
People across the US have been divided over whether caste should be added as a protected class under anti-discrimination policies.
Top of The World
Blinken continues diplomatic mission in the Middle East
The World May 26, 2021
Top of The World: Sec. Blinken announced plans to reopen a diplomatic office in Jerusalem that oversees outreach to the Palestinians. And, Belarus’ President Alexander Lukashenko is defending his decision to divert a passenger jet. Also, Syrians living in government-held areas are heading to the polls on Wednesday, for the second presidential election since the uprising-turned-war started in the country 10 years ago.
A year after George Floyd’s murder, New Zealand reckons with its own police reform
The World May 25, 2021
George Floyd’s death has raised awareness about problems with policing across the globe — but it’s not clear how much has changed.
Critical State
Sexual violence in conflict: Part I
Inkstick Media May 25, 2021
This week, Critical State, our foreign policy newsletter, takes a deep dive into the state of the literature on sexual violence in conflict. 
Conflict & Justice
Belarus flight diversion: Lukashenko presents 'real threats to European security,’ says analyst
The World May 24, 2021
Katia Glod, a Belarus analyst with Center for European Policy Analysis, joins The World's host Carol Hills, with insights on yesterday's flight diversion and subsequent detention of dissident Roman Protasevich, a passenger onboard.
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