For the first time, 'children of the revolution are fighting the revolution' says former US rep
The World July 26, 2021
July 26 celebrations in Cuba were dampened by protests, communication shutdowns and COVID-19 restrictions — a completely different experience from previous years' fiery speeches and street parties. Former Florida Democratic Rep. Joe Garcia has been watching events in Cuba closely.
This young folklorist is on a mission to preserve Rohingya stories before it's too late
The World July 26, 2021
Mohammed Rezuwan, 24, lives in Cox’s Bazar, the world’s largest refugee camp. He’s gathering Rohingya folk stories before a generation of storytellers dies off.
As the Taliban advances, life in Afghanistan becomes increasingly precarious
The World July 23, 2021
Since US President Joe Biden announced the unconditional withdrawal of US forces from Afghanistan back in April, the Taliban has been taking over districts across Afghanistan. It has yet to reach major cities, such as Kabul, but how much longer can the Afghan security forces hold the group back?
Ice cream is becoming hugely popular in China, as shops experiment with sweet — and savory — flavors
The World July 22, 2021
As China experiments with frozen treats, people can now find popsicles shaped like the Great Wall of China, boba tea-flavored ice pops and even peppercorn-flavored ice cream. China's gelato shop owners say ice cream is gaining popularity the same way coffee did 30 years ago.
This artist wants you to take a bite out of art history
The World July 16, 2021
Art Bites founder Maite Gomez-Rejón uses art from different eras of history to inspire her culinary projects and give her visitors a sensory experience.
Global Politics
'Eritrean forces have to get out of Ethiopia,' analyst says
The World July 15, 2021
Michelle Gavin, a senior fellow for Africa studies at the Council on Foreign Relations, joined The World's host Carol Hills to help make sense of the unfolding situation in Tigray.
Families leaving traditional education have lessons for those left behind
Innovation Hub July 15, 2021
A shake-up in education pushes us into the future of learning.
Gyro is the ‘holy grail’ of Greek fast food. An Athens restaurant offers a vegan alternative.
The World July 15, 2021
This fast-food joint in Athens is serving up a vegan version of a traditionally meaty wrap.
Lifestyle & Belief
Feminist activists in China speak out against online censorship despite government pushback
The World July 14, 2021
Feminist and LGBTQ groups in China face online harassment and government censorship of their social media accounts and activities.
South Africa’s democracy is ‘standing firm’ despite civil unrest, says analyst
The World July 13, 2021
William Gumede, the executive chairperson of the Democracy Works Foundation in South Africa, discusses the recent civil unrest in South Africa with The World’s host Marco Werman.
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