Immigration Rewind
Immigration news today is often an echo of the past. We delve into the archives to bring you stories that matter now. Have a hidden history to tell us about? Submit your idea here.
Xenophobia ‘takes its toll’ as Trump works to curb immigration
The World April 22, 2020
Professor Erika Lee speaks with The World's Marco Werman about how the US has responded with changes to immigration policy and increased xenophobia during times of war, economic hardship and disease throughout history.
How the Beatles created a sense of ‘place’ for this Argentinian American
The World February 12, 2020
When Lucía Benavides moved to the US from Argentina as a young girl, she clung to the Beatles’ music for something familiar.
Immigration Rewind
I'm an American. But my family came to the US fraudulently.
The World November 06, 2019
The Trump administration's immigration policies harken back to the origins of immigration restriction a century ago that sought to keep “undesirables” — like my family — out. 
Cuccinelli’s ‘bootstraps’ line reflects historical amnesia of ‘public charge’
The World August 15, 2019
The "likely to become a public charge" clause originally targeted southern and eastern European immigrants. It has since become a tool to exclude "undesirable" immigrants du jour.
Azoreans long for family abroad with this double-hearted instrument
The World July 22, 2019
As emigration changed the make-up of Portugal's Azores islands, musician Rafael Carvalho and his students are reviving nearly-lost traditions.
A Japanese American newspaper chronicles the ‘searing’ history of immigrant incarceration
The World May 30, 2019
As Japanese Americans incarcerated during World War II die, one newspaper finds its community’s history carries new resonance in the current era of immigrant detention.
For centuries, migrants have been said to pose public health risks. They don’t.
The World May 23, 2019
The myth of the "diseased migrant" has fueled xenophobic immigration policies for centuries.
Immigration Rewind
60 years before BTS, the Kim Sisters were America's original K-pop stars
The World May 09, 2019
Sixty years before today's “K-pop invasion,” the Kim Sisters, a Korean girl group, landed on US shores and rocketed to stardom — singing American hits before they even learned English.
Nixon and Reagan tried closing the border to pressure Mexico — here’s what happened
The Conversation April 08, 2019
Twice in the last half-century the US has tried to use the border to force Mexico to bend to America’s will. The ruse failed both times. The history suggests that threats of border closure may be politically useful, but are never a real answer to human tragedy.
Immigrant detention centers are a grim reminder of Japanese American history
GlobalPost April 05, 2019
Survivors of WWII Japanese incarceration camps are on the other side of the barbed wire now, but some say they want the world to know that they will not sit idly by and watch injustice happen again.
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