Japan’s Naomi Osaka’s withdrawal from the French Open sparks conversation on mental health in elite sports 
The World June 01, 2021
Some in the sports world are saying the conversation is long overdue.
Top of The World
Indigenous leaders in Canada call for search for mass graves
The World June 01, 2021
Top of The World: Amid widespread outrage and grief after the discovery of a mass grave holding the remains of 215 children, Indigenous leaders in Canada are calling for a search for other mass graves across the nation. And, Japanese tennis star Naomi Osaka has withdrawn from the French Open. Also, Israel's two-year-long political struggle to form a lasting government could reach a conclusion this week.
Tokyo Olympics
As demand grows to cancel Tokyo Olympics, who has the power to call it off?
The World May 21, 2021
According to the latest polls, 83% of people in Japan think the Games should be postponed or scrapped entirely. But there’s been a lack of clarity about who gets to make that decision.
Tokyo Olympics
Momentum builds for Japan to pass LGBTQ equality act before Tokyo Olympics
The World May 04, 2021
Olympic Charter rules explicitly ban “discrimination of any kind” at the Games, including discrimination based on sexual orientation. But Japan, set to host the Tokyo Olympics this summer, doesn’t have any national anti-discrimination laws for the LGBTQ community. Two different bills — one from opposition parties and one from the ruling party — have now been written for submission to the House of Representatives. The World's Bianca Hillier reports.
Tokyo Olympics
Despite the ban, will athletes protest at the Tokyo Olympics?
The World May 03, 2021
After an 11-month review process, the International Olympic Committee’s 17-person Athletes' Commission has reiterated their support for a ban on protests and demonstrations at official ceremonies, on the field of play and on podiums. But commission chair Kirsty Coventry says defining what the punishment for these protests looks like is not her responsibility. The World's Bianca Hillier reports on how this may play out in Tokyo this summer.
Top of The World
Breakaway European soccer clubs launch new league
The World April 19, 2021
In today's Top of the Word: Breakaway European soccer clubs launch new league; Russian dissident Alexei Navalny hospitalized after third week of hunger strike; New Zealand and Australia create two-way travel bubble with quarantine-free travel.
Foreign policy
A fresh call for ‘pingpong diplomacy’ on the 50th anniversary of the first US-China games
The World April 16, 2021
The 1971 Table Tennis World Championship featuring US and Chinese teams has never been forgotten. Now, original players are calling for renewed diplomacy as tensions continue to mount between the two countries.
A trip to a British pub may require a COVID-19 passport  
The World April 12, 2021
England’s potential COVID-19 certificate scheme would require customers to show proof of vaccination, a negative COVID-19 test or immunity status to gain entry into shops, pubs and theaters.
Iron Dames: The all-female team racing to bring change to motor sports
The World March 19, 2021
The Iron Dames is one of just three all-female teams in the world. Far from a marketing gimmick, they’ve already qualified for big-name races and hope to lead the way for future female pilots. 
Tokyo Olympics
Applaud, but no cheering: Tokyo Olympics release guidance for fans
The World February 25, 2021
Fans planning to watch the gilded Olympic torch pass by on its route through Japan are being asked to avoid cheering and instead only applaud the runners. The organizing committee for the Tokyo Olympics announced in a briefing on Thursday new guidelines for fans in an attempt to prevent the spread of the coronavirus.
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