Business, Economics and Jobs
The massive Ever Given container ship impounded amid financial dispute
Associated Press April 14, 2021
Egyptian authorities impounded a massive cargo vessel that blocked the Suez Canal last month amid a financial dispute with its owner, the canal chief and a judicial official said Tuesday.
Muslims navigate restrictions in the second pandemic Ramadan
Associated Press April 12, 2021
Ramadan, which begins this week, comes as much of the world has been hit by an intense new coronavirus wave. For many Muslims navigating restrictions, that means hopes of a better Ramadan than last year have been dashed with the surge in infection rates though regulations vary in different countries.
Mummies of ancient Egyptian kings and queens move to a new resting place in 'Pharaohs’ Golden Parade’
The World April 05, 2021
As part of the multimillion-dollar event, the 18 kings and four queens were transported from the Egypt Museum in Tahrir Square along the River Nile to their new home at the National Museum of Egyptian Civilization, south of the capital.
Human rights
Powerful countries break their silence on Egypt's human rights abuses 
The World March 15, 2021
It’s the first time the UN council has weighed in on the situation in Egypt in seven years. And, it represents a policy shift by the US, which was among 31 countries that brought a resolution forward.
Human rights
UN Human Rights Council starts work to address a ‘pandemic of human rights abuses'
The World February 23, 2021
Experts say that as the US rejoins the UN Human Rights Council, it should hold allies — and itself — accountable for human rights violations. 
Human rights
Public art honoring Egyptian American Moustafa Kassem sends universal human rights message
The World February 18, 2021
“His name will be remembered not just as a failure of US foreign policy, but to remind people that it's not just him," says Mohammad Soltan, founder of the Freedom Initiative.
Global Politics
Gulf Arab leaders sign declaration with Qatar to ease rift
Associated Press January 05, 2021
Gulf Arab leaders signed a declaration Tuesday in Saudi Arabia to mark a new page in relations following the kingdom's decision to end a 3 1/2-year embargo of Qatar, easing a rift that deeply divided regional US security allies and frayed social ties across the interconnected Arabian Peninsula.
Global Cartoons
No joke! How two cartoonists spurred revolution during the Arab uprisings.
The World December 21, 2020
Syria's Ali Ferzat and Egypt's Mohamed Anwar radically departed from long-established rules about how to depict their leaders. Their images served as a catalyst for massive uprisings that swept across the Middle East and North Africa in 2011.
Foreign policy
Arab Spring: 'It's time to rethink' US approach to the Middle East, says Kim Ghattas
The World December 18, 2020
Though historians debate whether Washington could have been more assertive in responding to Middle East uprisings a decade ago, some observers believe former President Barack Obama let down the revolutionaries.
Social media
Arab uprisings: What role did social media really play?
The World December 17, 2020
The revolts a decade ago were among the first major protests in the age of omnipresent mobile phones, with social-network revolutions powered by Twitter and Facebook.
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