Erin Cunningham
Middle East, Africa, Afghanistan and Pakistan Editor
Erin Cunningham is GlobalPost’s editor for the Middle East, Africa, Afghanistan and Pakistan. Erin has reported from the Middle East, South Asia and the Balkans for five years, covering Kosovo's independence, the military surge in Afghanistan, protests in Cairo's Tahrir Square, the first democratic elections in Tunisia, and Israeli military operations in Gaza.
Erin has reported for CNN, BBC World Service, BBC Radio and Al Jazeera English. Her written work has appeared in TIME, the Independent, Salon, the Christian Science Monitor, and the National (UAE).
She is a southern California native, and holds a Bachelor of Arts in International and Comparative Politics from the American University of Paris.
Recent Stories
Agence France-Presse
Inside the Cairo massacre in 6 unbelievable scenes (PHOTOS)
GlobalPost August 14, 2013
Egyptian photographer Mosa'ab Elshamy spent hours at the Rabaa al-Adaweya sit-in while it was surrounded by security forces.
Protesters, military overthrow Morsi in Egypt 'coup'
GlobalPost July 04, 2013
Egypt's military announced Mohamed Morsi is no longer the president of Egypt. Morsi and his followers have denounced the move as a full-fledged military coup.
Agence France-Presse
Egypt's military enters the fray, but its political role remains unclear
GlobalPost July 02, 2013
Analysis: After a turbulent military-led transition — and with its economic privileges enshrined in the Islamist-drafted constitution — why are Egypt’s armed forces returning to po
Agence France-Presse
On World Refugee Day, Syria's displaced children languish in camps
GlobalPost June 20, 2013
There are currently 1.6 million people from Syria in need of refugee assistance, half of them children.
Hungry Gaza finds sustenance in urban gardening (PHOTOS)
GlobalPost May 12, 2013
Urban aquaponic farms have the potential to curb food insecurity in the Gaza Strip, experts say.
Syria: What would US military intervention look like?
GlobalPost April 25, 2013
As evidence of possible chemical weapons use in Syria mounts, so do the calls for a military intervention in the now two-year-long conflict that has cost roughly 70,000 lives.
Agence France-Presse
Boston bombing revives debate over online extremism
GlobalPost April 25, 2013
On the freewheeling net, extremists of all stripes are looking to radicalize, recruit, and disseminate propaganda among an infinitely wider audience.
Muslim, Christian dead in Egypt cathedral violence
GlobalPost April 08, 2013
A second Egyptian died after fighting between Muslims and Coptic Christians outside St. Mark's Cathedral in Cairo.
Mocking Morsi: How funny is too funny in Egypt?
GlobalPost April 04, 2013
Egypt has a long history of using humor to survive tough times, but Bassem Youssef drew criticism for his more direct, "American format" of satire.
Agence France-Presse
Egypt raises cooking gas prices, risking public protest
GlobalPost April 01, 2013
Amid a food and fuel shortage, Egypt raised the price of state-subsidized cooking gas for the first time in 20 years.
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