Turkey's health workers hike steep mountains to deliver vaccines in isolated villages
The World June 16, 2021
In rural Başkale in eastern Turkey, medical teams have spent months traveling into the mountains to deliver vaccine doses to 120 villages.
The Netherlands hosts a new slavery exhibit, as historical debates continue 
The World June 16, 2021
“Slavery,” a new exhibit at the Rijksmuseum in Amsterdam, tells the stories of 10 individuals who were involved in slavery under Dutch colonial rule.
Top of The World
Biden and Putin begin face-to-face talks in Geneva
The World June 16, 2021
Top of The World: The summit between President Joe Biden and Vladimir Putin is underway in Geneva. And, Israeli planes struck the Gaza Strip overnight, in the first raid since the fragile ceasefire with Hamas began last month. Also, leftist candidate Pedro Castillo has won the most votes by a tight margin in the Peruvian presidential elections.
Conflict & Justice
Russia's vote at UN could cut off humanitarian aid to northwest Syria
The World June 15, 2021
Millions of people could be cut off from assistance if the Bab al-Hawa crossing, along the border between Turkey and Syria, closes. Basma Alloush, policy and advocacy adviser for the Norwegian Refugee Council, spoke with The World's Marco Werman about what's at stake.
Top of The World
US-EU reach deal on trade dispute ahead of Biden’s meeting with Putin
The World June 15, 2021
Top of The World: US President Joe Biden moved to end a long-running trade dispute with the European Union over subsidies for aircraft manufacturers. And, the presidents of the US and Turkey met in Brussels in a much-anticipated face-to-face on the sidelines of the NATO summit. Hawaiian coronavirus case with the delta variant is a “very rare breakthrough” case in which a COVID-19 vaccine didn’t prevent infection.
Critical State
Checking in on democratic peace: Part II
Inkstick Media June 15, 2021
Critical State, our foreign policy newsletter, takes a deep dive into a core principle of democratic peace theory — the idea that democratic states don’t fight wars with one another. 
Climate Change
Young activists are making their mark in the climate debate
Living on Earth June 15, 2021
Teens and kids will feel the impact global warming more keenly than older generations — and many of them are choosing to act now to stop it.
'It’s un-British': UK government crackdown on asylum courts controversy 
The World June 14, 2021
Since late last year, the British government has been putting male asylum-seekers arriving on dinghies from France in a former base called the Napier barracks. Earlier this month, a high court judge ruled that the government acted unlawfully.
Top of The World
Benjamin Netanyahu is out, Naftali Bennett is sworn in as Israel’s new prime minister
The World June 14, 2021
Top of The World: Naftali Bennett has secured the backing of parliament and formed a new government in Israel. And, Joe Biden marked his first attendance as US president at the annual NATO summit in Brussels on Monday, reaffirming the United States' commitment to the alliance. Also, Novavax said on Monday that a large study of its COVID-19 vaccine showed its shot is about 90% effective
Biden administration
Biden at NATO: Ready to talk China, Russia and soothe allies
Associated Press June 14, 2021
US President Joe Biden made his entrance at the NATO summit aiming to consult European allies on efforts to counter provocative actions by China and Russia while highlighting the US commitment to the 30-country alliance that was frequently maligned by predecessor Donald Trump.
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