Conflict & Justice
As US withdraws troops from Afghanistan, it will remain ‘fully focused’ on peace, says negotiator Zalmay Khalilzad
The World June 11, 2021
Zalmay Khalilzad, US special representative for Afghanistan reconciliation, says the US and the Taliban have alternative visions for the future. He joins the The World's Marco Werman with insights on the slow, difficult peace negotiation process.
How Joe Biden could increase pressure on Vladimir Putin if their June 16 meeting fails to deter Russia's 'harmful' behavior
The Conversation June 11, 2021
When announcing financial penalties on Russia earlier this year, Biden hinted at the prospect of further sanctions. An energy scholar explains what Biden may have meant.
The Big Fix
Luxembourg takes the lead on climate finance 
The World June 11, 2021 Updated 06/14/2021 - 8:30am
The small country is a financial giant — and it’s working to lead the world on sustainable climate finance.
Top of The World
Tigrayans say food is being used as a 'weapon of war'
The World June 11, 2021
Over 350,000 people in the Tigray region face starvation due to food blockages and theft; G-7 leaders pledge global vaccine-sharing commitments; Emma Coronel Aispuro, wife of Mexican drug kingpin Joaquin “El Chapo” Guzman, pleads guilty on three charges.
Sweden’s gun violence rates have soared. But this Swedish city is bucking that trend.
The World June 10, 2021
​​​​​​​Sweden’s third-largest city, Malmö, implemented a strategy that has been successful in combating gangs. In turn, gun violence there has gone down. 
Social media
Nigeria's indefinite Twitter ban sounds the alarm on free speech
The World June 10, 2021
Nigerian writers Adaobi Tricia Nwaubani and Kọ́lá Túbọ̀sún weigh in on Nigeria's decision to indefinitely ban Twitter after the platform deleted a controversial tweet by the president.
Sexual violence
This teen's TikTok video takes on Malaysia's toxic culture of misogyny
The World June 10, 2021
Ain Husniza's video exposing rape culture at her school was viewed at least 1.9 million times, sparking a national conversation on sexual harassment and misogyny.
Top of The World
Contentious Keystone XL pipeline project canceled
The World June 10, 2021
Canadian company TC Energy withdraws from Keystone XL crude oil pipeline project after President Biden canceled its permit earlier this year. And, the number of undocumented migrants reaching the US-Mexico border hits its highest level in more than 20 years. Also, Moscow court labels organization of President Putin’s political foe, Alexei Navalny, as an “extremist” group.
After killing of Muslim family in Canada, this advocate calls for a collective plan to fight Islamophobia
The World June 09, 2021
Yusuf Faqiri, director for public affairs at the National Council of Canadian Muslims, spoke with The World's Marco Werman about rising incidents of Islamophobia in Canada.
Arts, Culture & Media
Moscow multimedia exhibition focuses on anti-Kremlin protest culture
The World June 09, 2021
"Time Difference," a new multimedia art exhibition by Katya Muromtseva, 31, urges viewers to listen to the voices of those who are critical of the Kremlin.
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