After killing of Muslim family in Canada, this advocate calls for a collective plan to fight Islamophobia
The World June 09, 2021
Yusuf Faqiri, director for public affairs at the National Council of Canadian Muslims, spoke with The World's Marco Werman about rising incidents of Islamophobia in Canada.
Conflict & Justice
The word ‘apartheid’ is used to describe Israel’s control over Palestinians. Why is it so loaded? 
The World June 08, 2021
Human rights groups have used the term apartheid strategically to emphasize the need for a paradigm shift in the region. But others argue that the loaded term doesn’t apply.
Top of The World
Hundreds arrested in massive global crime sting
The World June 08, 2021
Global operation by Australia and the American FBI leads to the arrest of more than 800 suspected criminals. And the Nigerian government bans Twitter after the platform deleted a tweet from President Muhammadu Buhari. Also, a man in a pickup truck rams into a Muslim immigrant family in Canada on the street, killing four people.
Top of The World
Influential German archbishop offers to resign over church abuse
The World June 04, 2021
Top of The World: Cardinal Reinhard Marx, the archbishop of Munich and Freising and confidante of Pope Francis, offered to resign on Friday over the church abuse scandal. And, US President Joe Biden has expanded a blacklist of Chinese companies started by the Trump administration. Also, Facebook is reportedly planning to end a policy that exempted politicians from certain moderation rules.
Caste in America
Lawsuits bring attention to caste discrimination in the US
The World May 27, 2021
People across the US have been divided over whether caste should be added as a protected class under anti-discrimination policies.
Critical State
Sexual violence in conflict: Part I
Inkstick Media May 25, 2021
This week, Critical State, our foreign policy newsletter, takes a deep dive into the state of the literature on sexual violence in conflict. 
Women & Girls
Women in Afghanistan push for rights and more representation amid ongoing talks between the Afghan government and the Taliban
The Conversation May 24, 2021
Afghan women and other minorities fear losing impact in negotiations as US troops begin to pull out of the country.
How money became 'the most powerful metaphor' in the world
Innovation Hub May 20, 2021
Faith is all that separates cash from printer paper
Spiritual leaders seek to spur an 'ecological conversion'
Living on Earth May 13, 2021
From Native American traditions to Eastern thought to mainstream Catholicism, spiritual teachings call on humanity to live in harmony with nature.
The world celebrates Eid — including some of The World’s listeners
The World May 13, 2021
We asked The World’s listeners to share what Eid al-Fitr means to them and their families. Here’s what they told us.
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