SLIM-Suite of Tools
The world's most powerful estimation and project intelligence software, powered by the largest database of its kind.
Estimate, control and benchmark your projects with confidence
QSM's Software Lifecycle Management (SLIM) tools are the gold standard in the industry and the top choice for over 37 years of Fortune 1000 corporations and governments across the globe. Drawing from a database of over 13,000 verified software projects (the largest database of its kind), our software enables better decision making at every stage of the project development life cycle—estimating, tracking, and metrics analysis. Each tool is designed to deliver powerful results, either as a standalone application or as part of QSM's integrated suite.
SLIM-Suite of Tools
SLIM-Estimate SLIM-Control SLIM-Metrics​SLIM-DataManager SLIM-MasterPlan​SLIM-Collaborate
Best-in-Class Systems and Software Project Estimation, Customizable to Any Design Process
Are spreadsheet estimates failing to deliver? Are you struggling to determine whether cost, schedule, and scope expectations are realistic or recipes for disaster? Are you having trouble aligning your "realistic" project or portfolio resource demand with fixed resource capacity? Then it’s time to graduate from clumsy spreadsheets to the industry’s best systems and software project estimation tool—QSM’s SLIM-Estimate®.
With SLIM-Estimate, you’ll instantly know the cost, time, and effort required to satisfy any set of requirements, and the best strategies for designing and implementing your project.
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Return on Investment
A major telecommunications equipment supplier uses the SLIM-Suite to formalize their estimation process across multiple teams and ultimately deliver a $150 million system on time while meeting reliability goals and yielding an acceptable profit.
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This demo gives you an overview of QSM's SLIM-Estimate tool, as well as an introduction to the SLIM Suite of Tools and the QSM Database. Let us show you how easy it is to generate reliable estimates validated by completed project data from the QSM Industry Database or your own history!
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