Refinitiv World-Check Risk Intelligence
Access accurate and structured information to help you meet your KYC and third-party due diligence screening obligations. World-Check Risk Intelligence, used and trusted by the world’s biggest companies for over two decades.
Anyone who wishes to query whether their name is in the World-Check database may do so in accordance with the World-Check privacy statement.
Why choose Refinitiv World-Check Risk Intelligence?
Help meet your regulatory obligations, make informed decisions, and prevent your business being used to launder the proceeds of financial crime or associated with corrupt practices.
For over two decades the World-Check Risk Intelligence database has been delivering accurate and reliable information to help financial institutions, the regulated non-banking sector and companies to comply with mandatory KYC, anti-money laundering, countering the financing of terrorism, anti-bribery and corruption, and associated legislation.
It has hundreds of specialist researchers and analysts across the globe, adhering to the most stringent research guidelines as they collate information from reliable and reputable sources - such as watch lists, government records, and media searches.
Simplify your customer and third-party screening process through state-of-the-art technology combined with human expertise. The World-Check data is fully structured, aggregated, and de-duplicated. It can be easily absorbed into various workflow screening platforms in-house, cloud-based, or third-party solutions through a delivery method that suits your requirements.
Coverage includes:
Politically exposed persons (PEP), close associates, and family members
State owned entities and state invested enterprises
Global sanctions lists
Narrative sanctions (sanctions ownership information)
Global regulatory and law enforcement lists
Adverse media
Iran economic interest (IEI)
Sanctioned securites
Vessels information
Additional specific data sets available include:
Marijuana related business
Sanction Sets for payment screening
About World-Check
World-Check privacy statement
World-Check brochure
Am I on World-Check?
What you get with World-Check Risk Intelligence
World-Check Risk Intelligence helps you meet your due diligence obligations and identify potential financial criminal activity with information from reputable public domain sources. Our data will also help you address your Politically Exposed Persons (PEPs) monitoring requirements. You can access over 4m records, delivered in a highly structured format.

Reliable intelligence
We follow the most stringent guidelines for research methodology and inclusion criteria – applying rigorous quality control.

Subject matter expertise
Our analysts monitor areas based on their subject matter expertise, supplemented with local language capabilities. Many have worked with state and federal governments.

Up-to-date information
With research centres on all five continents, we provide around-the-clock monitoring of sanction lists, regulatory and enforcement lists, as well as thousands of reliable media sources, so you have accurate and up-to-date information.

Targeted screening
Data contains hundreds of specific keywords and over 60 risk topics that help you filter and drill down for more focused screening and reduce false positives.

In-depth search
Linking of associated subjects helps you search and identify criminal networks and associations.

Easy integration
With data presented in a highly structured format, it’s simple to absorb into your screening processes using common formats across a variety of software platforms.
Ways you can use our data
World-Check One
Simplify and accelerate your due diligence process, and make remediation quicker and more intelligent. World-Check One combines our purpose-built screening software with our proprietary World-Check risk intelligence data.
Data File
Integrate World-Check Risk Intelligence data into third-party or proprietary workflow solutions that perform customer due diligence, customer screening and/or payments screening.
Our partners
Join the partner community and access a wide variety of tools and benefits from dedicated support and joint engagement opportunities.
More ways you can use our data
Integrate our data, matching capabilities, and advanced functionalities into existing workflows and internal systems – streamlining the screening process for onboarding, Know Your Customer (KYC), and third-party risk due diligence.
API brochure
Zero Footprint Screening API
A Cloud-based customer screening tool, using market-leading World-Check Risk Intelligence, designed specifically for single payments or transactions.
Zero Footprint Screening brochure
A powerful combination of digital identity verification, document proofing, and risk screening via API technology.
Learn more
Unlock efficiencies with World-Check Risk Intelligence
It’s really become an invaluable component of making our risk management a central pillar to our actual growth strategy. Without World-Check One our operation team simply wouldn’t be where it is today.
Jordan Michaelides
Head of Partnerships, CoinJar
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