Accessibility for Visitors
Making all visitors feel welcome
The Smithsonian strives to make all visitors feel welcome. Some accessibility features include:
Museum-specific Information
Pre-visit Videos
These pre-visit videos are designed to help prepare for situations one may encounter at the Smithsonian museums. Videos address what to expect, museum rules and routines, safety information, and more. Please note that some experiences demonstrated in these videos, such as entrance processes may have changed slightly due to COVID-19.
Congress passed legislation in 2020 establishing two new museums at the Smithsonian: the National Museum of the American Latino and the Smithsonian American Women’s History Museum. The Smithsonian is in early planning stages for both.
What is the Smithsonian?
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Visitors may expect a variety of exhibitions, crowd levels, and environments while visiting the Smithsonian. This video explores the some of the different experiences visitors may have.
Preparing to visit the Smithsonian
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There are many things to consider before arriving at the Smithsonian, including what to bring and how to get here. This video demonstrates how to use the website to plan what to see and do at the Smithsonian.
How to enter the Smithsonian museums
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Many people visit Smithsonian museums, and getting inside involves a few easy steps. This video walks you through the entry process, which may include waiting in line, interacting with security officers, and going through magnetometers.
Making choices at the Smithsonian
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With all the Smithsonian offers, it is not possible to see and do everything. This video talks about choices visitors can make to enjoy their experience.
What is an exhibit?
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This video shows differences you may find in exhibitions around the Smithsonian, including light levels, hands-on opportunities, sound levels, and content.
These videos were made possible by the Smithsonian Women's Committee.
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Access Smithsonian strives to provide consistent, effortless access to the Institution's programs, collections, and facilities. For more information on accessibility policies and programs, call 202.633.2921 or email
Access Smithsonian
Morning at the Museum
A free sensory-friendly program for families of children with disabilities. 
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