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Deaf Awareness Month
September is Deaf Awareness Month. Check out these titles for all ages selected by our library staff. Annotations from NoveList or Kirkus, unless otherwise noted. (Created September 2021)

She Touched the World
Alexander, Sally Hobart
"When she was just two years old, Laura Bridgman lost her sight, her hearing, and most of her senses of smell and taste. But then a progressive doctor, who had just opened the country's first school for the blind in Boston, took her in. Laura learned to communicate, read, and write--and eventually even to teach." (NoveList)
Format: Book
Availability: All copies in use
View She Touched the World

Can Bears Ski?
Antrobus, Raymond
"Is Little Bear ignoring his friends when they say hi, or is something else going on? A discovery opens new doors in a tale that will delight kids with deafness and all children learning to navigate their world." (NoveList)
Format: Book
Availability: All copies in use
View Can Bears Ski?

The Perseverance
Antrobus, Raymond
"An extraordinary debut from a young British-Jamaican poet, 'Perseverance' is a book of loss, language, and praise. One of the most crucial new voices to emerge from Britain, Raymond Antrobus explores the d/Deaf experience, the death of his father and the failure to communicate. Ranging across history, time zones and continents, this book operates in the in betweens - of dual heritages, of form and expression - emerging to show us what it means to exist, and to flourish." (NoveList)
Format: Book
Availability: All copies in use
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El Deafo
Bell, Cece
"The author recounts in graphic novel format her experiences with hearing loss at a young age, including using a bulky hearing aid, learning how to lip read, and determining her "superpower." (NoveList)
Format: Downloadable Graphic Novel
View El Deafo

Shouting Won't Help
Bouton, Katherine
"A former senior editor at The New York Times traces her own experiences of hearing loss while evaluating a growing epidemic of hearing impairment in America, drawing on medical and specialist insights to identify possible causes while sharing perspective on how hearing loss affects everyday life." (NoveList)
Format: Book
Availability: All copies in use
View Shouting Won't Help

This Is Kind of An Epic Love Story
Callender, Kacen
"Budding screenwriter Nate, sixteen, finds his conviction that happy endings do not happen in real life sorely tested when his childhood best friend and crush, Oliver James Hernandez, moves back to town." (NoveList)
Format: Book
Availability: All copies in use
View This Is Kind of An Epic Love Story

I Can Hear You Whisper
Denworth, Lydia
"An investigation into the science of hearing, child language acquisition, neuroplasticity, brain development, and Deaf culture spurred by Lydia Denworth's discovery that her son couldn't hear her lullabies and the family's life-altering decision to give him a cochlear implant." (NoveList)
Format: Book
Availability: All copies in use
View I Can Hear You Whisper

Disability Visibility
"This collection of essays from contemporary disabled writers celebrating the thirtieth anniversary of the Americans with Disabilities Act focuses on issues such as disabled performers in the theater and the everyday lives of the community." (NoveList)
Format: Book
Availability: All copies in use
View Disability Visibility

Mean Little Deaf Queer
Galloway, Terry
"Recounts the author's experiences of growing up with a nervous system that had been adversely affected in utero by an experimental medication, describing her hallucinatory youth as a hearing-impaired gay member of a conservative hometown, the defiance that marked her relationships, and her obsessions with language, duplicity, and performance." (NoveList)
Format: Book
Availability: Available
View Mean Little Deaf Queer

You're Welcome, Universe
Gardner, Whitney
"A deaf, Indian-American teen with a flair for graffiti learns how to make her mark. With two deaf moms, a deaf school, and Jordyn, her deaf best friend, Julia Prasad has always been unapologetically deaf. But when she paints graffiti over a slur about Jordyn and is expelled, she's thrust into the chaos of mainstream high school with a patronizing interpreter, clueless teachers, and persistent bullying." (Kirkus)
Format: Book
Availability: All copies in use
View You're Welcome, Universe
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