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Book Bingo NW 2021: QTBIPOC
Here are some suggestions for your Summer Book Bingo NW 2021 category: QTBIPOC (Queer, Trans, Black, Indigenous, or person of color). (Created May 2021)

A History of My Brief Body
Belcourt, Billy-Ray
A genre-bending memoir in essays from Canada’s first First Nations Rhodes Scholar. (NoveList)
Format: Book
Availability: All copies in use
View A History of My Brief Body

¡Hola Papi!
Brammer, John Paul
What started as a racialized moniker given to him on a hookup app soon became the inspiration for his now wildly popular advice column "¡Hola Papi!", launching his career as the Cheryl Strayed for young queer people everywhere - and some straight people too. JP had his doubts at first - what advice could he really offer while he himself stumbled through his early 20s? Sometimes the best advice to dole out comes from looking within, which is what JP has done in his column and book - and readers have flocked to him for honest, heartfelt wisdom, and of course a few laughs. (NoveList)
Format: Book
Availability: All copies in use
View ¡Hola Papi!

Punch Me up to the Gods
Broome, Brian
A coming-of-age memoir about Blackness, masculinity and addiction follows the author, a poet and screenwriter, as he recounts his experiences, revealing a perpetual outsider awkwardly squirming to find his way in. (NoveList)
Format: Book
Availability: All copies in use
View Punch Me up to the Gods

Brown, Karamo
In this often passionate, insightful memoir, Brown, known for his reality TV roles on The Real World and Queer Eye, shines a revealing light on addiction, race, and desire. (Publishers Weekly)
Format: Book
Availability: Available
View Karamo

Carruthers, Charlene A.
"Unapologetic is a 21st century guide to building a Black liberation movement through a Black queer feminist lens"--(NoveList)
Format: Book
Availability: Available
View Unapologetic

Black Water Sister
Cho, Zen
Jessamyn Teoh is moving back to Malaysia with her parents, after 19 years in the U.S. A few months out of college, Jess is unemployed and separated from her girlfriend—not that anyone else knows she's a lesbian. (Library Journal)
Format: Book
Availability: All copies in use
View Black Water Sister

I'm A Wild Seed
De la Cruz, Sharon Lee
The author shares her process of undoing the effects of a patriarchal, colonial society on her self-image, her sexuality, and her concept of freedom. Reflecting on the ways in which oppression was the cause for her late bloom into queerness, we are invited to discover people and things in the author's life that helped shape and inform her LGBTQ identity. And we come to an understanding of her holistic definition of queerness. (NoveList)
Format: Graphic Novel
Availability: Available
View I'm A Wild Seed

De Robertis, Carolina
Enduring the rampant violence against women and the LGBTQ community in the decades of the Uruguayan dictatorship, five women heartbreakingly unite as lovers, friends and family. (NoveList)
Format: Book
Availability: Available
View Cantoras

Disability Visibility
This collection of essays from contemporary disabled writers celebrating the thirtieth anniversary of the Americans with Disabilities Act focuses on issues such as disabled performers in the theater and the everyday lives of the community. (NoveList)
Format: Book
Availability: All copies in use
View Disability Visibility

Stone and Steel
Dunbar, Eboni
When General Aaliyah returns triumphant to the city of Titus, she expects to find the people prospering under the rule of her Queen, the stone mage Odessa. Instead, she finds a troubling imbalance in both the citizens' wellbeing and Odessa's rule. Aaliyah must rely on all of her allies, old and new, to do right by the city that made her. (NoveList)
Format: eBook
View Stone and Steel
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