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Special Libraries
Medical, Law, Corporate, and Government Libraries use Springshare Platform to Deliver a Superb - and Secure - Library Experience. Security, Accessibility, and Ease of Use - a winning combination!
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Promote the Library as the Hub for Org. Knowledge.
Build Strategic Relationships with Stakeholders.
Facilitate Internal Collaboration and Workflows.
Provide Amazing Customer Service.
Power Your Website Presence and Online Services.
Compare & Analyze Library Usage and Services.
Facilitate Internal Collaboration and Workflows.
Demonstrate the Library’s Value to Stakeholders.
Power Your Library's Online Presence - Securely
Springshare tools provide a secure, and affordable, platform to power your online presence. Everything from building and maintaining an effective website, to extending your online reach in a secure way is right here - contained in a single platform.
Easily Build & Maintain Your Website
LibGuides CMS is a secure, affordable content management solution. Easily build content, blogs, and news and create beautiful pages.
Https support, accessibility, and a responsively designed tool right out of the box. Meet the diverse and mobile needs of your users.
Customize the look & feel, use a custom domain, and make your website truly reflect the library and your community.
Create searchable A-Z resource lists and custom-curated LibGuides designed to meet the needs of your users.
... And Offer Add-on Services to Boot
Deeply integrate your reference and chat services on every webpage with LibAnswers widgets making librarians only a click away.
If your library offers rooms/spaces and equipment LibCal handles it all and integrates seamlessly with your website.
Build secure, mobile-friendly forms and surveys via LibWizard and distribute them anywhere.
Enable users to easily schedule appointments with librarians using LibCal's My Scheduler functionality.
IP Access Restrictions
LibAuth Authentication
Secure User Data
Limit access and protect your content with optional IP access restrictions and put Springshare tools behind IP and your local firewall/VPN.
Provide A Superb Customer Experience
Your users are busy professionals. When they need something from the library they appreciate quick and efficient service. Springshare tools give you everything you need to provide a superb library experience…every time.

LibAnswers is an ideal communication tool for your library. Answer user questions effectively using any communication channel (email, chat, web, SMS, social media). Keep accurate statistics for your reference and helpdesk activity. Build searchable FAQs so users can get help even when you're not available.

Strong customer relations are important for any customer-facing organization. LibCRM is the only CRM tool built specifically for the needs of libraries. Securely store relevant information and preferences of your users. Ensure that every interaction with your customer is a successful one.

Use LibCal widgets to promote personal research consultations. The easy-to-use appointment scheduler enables users to effortlessly schedule consultations with you. When you need user feedback, LibWizard helps you create contact forms and satisfaction surveys and analyze results like a pro.
Content Maintenance Made Easy
Our easy-to-use WYSIWYG interface across all tools makes it easy for librarians to create and maintain content, gather statistics, and provide winning service day in and day out.
Build LibGuides, LibAnswers FAQs, and LibWizard tutorials and embed any media / widgets with our point & click interface. No advanced HTML or programming knowledge is required to create beautiful and engaging content.
Seamlessly embed videos, widgets, search boxes, and more. Effortlessly integrate LibGuides, LibWizard, LibAnswers, and LibCal content with Sharepoint, intranet, or staff portals.
Make use of robust search & replace tools in LibGuides and LibAnswers. An auto-running link checker checks for broken links in your LibGuides and LibAnswers systems and displays an actionable report.
Attend free training webinars or watch recordings at your convenience. Attend our free virtual user conference, SpringyCamp, and learn from other librarians around the world. Our best-in-market support is always there for you - so you’re never alone.
Improve Internal Workflows and Processes
Use LibGuides CMS to create a staff intranet. Collaborate with colleagues on projects using internal guides, participate in discussion boards, and store important documents.
Create a repository of internal LibAnswers FAQs that are searchable and easy to update. Seamlessly embed FAQs into your internal LibGuides to create a one-stop shop for all staff questions.
Manage all your library data with LibInsight. Integrate with other LibApps, Google Analytics, and COUNTER-compliant eResource vendors to make data collection hassle-free. Use data to showcase where your valuable dollars and resources are spent.
Organize contacts from vendors, stakeholders, and department heads, and prevent information silos using LibCRM. Use built-in project and task management functionality - a boon for productivity.
Move away from excel spreadsheets and paper forms for staff scheduling. LibStaffer helps you effortlessly schedule service point staffing, swap shifts, assign roles, and more.
Demonstrate The Library’s Value
With detailed reports, deliver measurable results on the library’s impact and value-added services.
LibInsight is your library's data-analyzing powerhouse. Analyze library usage and create interactive dashboards showing relevant library metrics.
Detailed LibGuides CMS reports show how your content is being used across the organization.
LibAnswers statistics provide the most complete reference metrics available to libraries.
LibCal's My Scheduler and Equipment/Space stats give you a detailed view into the allocation of librarian time and effort.
Close The Feedback Loop
Getting continuous user feedback about their library experiences and research and information needs is essential. Creating smart forms and embedding them on any webpage helps your users get their word and their point across. LibWizard helps you do all this, and more...
Use the drag-and-drop builder to create any type of form or a survey. Then use the powerful analytics tool to analyze the results. Simple and effective!
Use LibWizard to create self-grading quizzes and tutorials. Self-paced tutorials allow users to learn about library resources where and when it’s convenient for them.
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LibGuides / CMS
Curate and showcase library resources. Create guides, build websites, A-Z lists, or staff intranet. Embed library resources in courseware. And that's just a start!
LibAnswers +Social
Communication and Social Media for Libraries. Answer questions via Chat, Email, SMS, or Social media. Build a knowledge base & FAQs. Get detailed reference stats.
Manage Library Hours, Online Event Signups, Room & Equipment Bookings, Research Consultations, etc. Integrations with Calendars, Outlook, gCal, iCal...
More >>
An affordable platform to gather, and analyze all library statistics. SUSHI harvesting, COUNTER compliance, cross-dataset analytics, custom dashboard builders... oh my!
CRM platform tailored for needs of libraries. Your users are your most important asset and LibCRM helps build and cultivate relationships with your user community.
Move away from paper and excel sheets. LibStaffer manage staff schedules, service point staffing, student-worker and volunteers hours with powerful reporting capabilities to boot.
Create web forms, conduct online surveys & solicit feedback from users. Build interactive tutorials, and test patrons' research skills with quizzes & online assessments modules.
A cost-effective solution for e-reserves and reading lists. Integrates with LibGuides, and with courseware via our LTI module. Copyright tracking, and user authentication.
Create a #librarianfirst, service-oriented platform customized for the needs of your library.
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