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Gather opinions and transform them into People Powered Data™.
Easily create surveys, quizzes, and polls for any audience.
Gather feedback via weblink, email, mobile chat, social media, and more.
Automatically analyze your results and get powerful analysis features.
Export your results or integrate your data with your favorite apps.
Use your insights to make better, data-driven decisions.
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Our powerful features help you design surveys with confidence and maximize your data’s potential.
Support for any project, team, or organization
Get a plan for multiple users, or individuals.
Explore ways teams can streamline workflows to get to insights faster.
Collaborate with others on the entire survey process—from creation to analysis.
Analyze your data—in a snap
Get quick insights with automatic charts and summaries
Analyze text responses with Word Cloud and Sentiment Analysis.
Dig deeper into your data with combined filters and crosstab reports. 
Measure responses against industry benchmarks.
Everything you need to create the best surveys
Get access to survey templates that speak to customers, employees, or your target audience.
Choose from expert-written sample questions to include in your surveys.
Score your surveys to estimate their success rates with SurveyMonkey Genius.
Explore our best practices for creating the even the most sophisticated surveys.
Share survey templates and creative assets with your team
Use flexible permission controls to share surveys securely.
Show off your results in beautiful formats with custom charts, graphs, and dashboards.
Export your data in popular formats such as CSV, XLS, PDF, PPT, and SPSS.
Create custom survey experiences
Choose from dozens of survey themes and adjust the layouts.
Easily change colors and fonts within your surveys.
Add your logo or other branded images for on-brand surveys.
Fully white-label surveys by removing the SurveyMonkey footer and redirecting people back to your site.
Learn why 98% of the Fortune 500 rely on SurveyMonkey
See how SurveyMonkey is helping more than 330,000 organizations gather and measure feedback, so they can make better decisions and drive impact.
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Search our gallery of 150+ expert-written surveys for any project—customer satisfaction, employee engagement, market research, education, and more.
Showing 254 templates
Customer satisfaction survey template
Market research – product survey
360-degree employee evaluation
Brand awareness survey template
Product testing
Employee engagement
Customer service
Website feedback survey template
Management performance
General event feedback survey template
Employee satisfaction
University student satisfaction
Environmental issues
Net Promoter® Score (NPS)
Software evaluation survey template
Education demographics
Online shopping attitudes
Customer service feedback
Team performance
Course evaluation survey template
Hotel feedback
RSVP and contact information
Professional event feedback
Employee exit
Volunteer feedback
Employee benefits
Post-event feedback survey template
Market research – service
Recruitment satisfaction
Consumer behavior
Diet, fitness, and exercise
Work environment
Event planning
Market research survey template
Department performance
Skin care products
Employee performance
New product template
U.S. demographics
Employment template
Mental health survey
Price testing template
Target market analysis
Name testing
Supervisor performance
Target market demographics
Typical customer analysis
U.S. demographics – snapshot
Stress survey
U.S. political identification
Retail customer feedback
Typical customer demographics survey template
Mobile or cell phone template
Learning support
Logo testing
Ad/copy testing
Employee motivation
Career development
Online dating survey template
Household budget
Online social networking
New hire onboarding survey template
K-12 parent template
Package testing
Parent engagement
Brand perception survey
Meeting feedback survey template
Brand personality
University teaching assistant evaluation survey template
Child behaviors survey template
Vacation travel template
Bullying survey
Compensation survey template
University faculty satisfaction
Post-visit patient satisfaction
University student graduation template
Hospital performance evaluation
School climate
Music listening
Favorite celebrities
University instructor evaluation
Health insurance evaluation
Work life balance survey
Brand performance
Neighborhood feedback
Messaging/claims testing
Airline passenger satisfaction
Customer comments
Exit interview survey template
Restaurant feedback survey template
CAHPS® Visit Survey 2.0
Personal hygiene survey template
Fundraising feedback
Intern feedback survey template
Training course evaluation survey template
Shopper insights survey template
High school sports – student feedback
Path to purchase
Makeup products template
Health insurance template
Donor feedback survey template
Twitter template
Employee diversity
Non-profit organization information
Apps template
Movie and TV viewing
Smoking template
Online music streaming
Brand conversion
Team building template
NPS and brand loyalty
Commuting template
Corporate social responsibility survey template
Security awareness survey template
Online video viewing survey template
Firmographics survey template
Entertainment event feedback
Height and weight survey template
Stakeholder template
Facebook survey template
Workshop survey
Online content strategy survey template
Help desk feedback survey template
Media usage
Real estate agent evaluation
Candidate experience
School program fit
TV viewing survey template
Financial benefits and wellness survey template
Online employee recruitment survey template
Parental support survey template
Neighborhood events survey template
Business travel
Cryptocurrency survey
General internet usage
Self-driving cars survey
CAHPS Health Plan Survey version 5.0 (Adult)
U.S. presidential approval survey template
Homeowners’ Association (HOA) survey template
Language proficiency
Blogging template
Parent self-efficacy
Relationship management
Employee recognition survey template
Alumni template
Healthcare expenses
Competitor research survey template
Work engagement
You in 12 Months survey template
AHRQ Surveys on Patient Safety Culture™ (SOPS™) hospital template
Automobile buyer feedback
Professional development template
Movie viewing survey template
Pre K-12 parent survey template
Voice Over Internet Protocol (VoIP) survey template
Social support
Organizational culture survey template
Podcast survey
Social media safety
Mentorship and advocacy
Home buyer feedback
Facebook profile template
Job application survey template
Online interest sharing
Parent roles and responsibilities survey template
CRM software survey template
U.S. voter registration
Appointment template
Vendor workplace diversity survey
Customer experience
Online professional networking
Workplace benefits survey template
Entry interview survey template
Favorite social network
Health check-in survey template
Happiness survey template
Leadership style survey template
Church survey
Before They Were Famous
Employee review template: Growth, Impact, and Goals (GIG)
CAHPS® Dental Plan Survey
Wage gap evaluation survey template
Online fashion community survey template
Endurance event feedback
Pinterest survey template
Eventbrite post-event feedback
Timesheet template
Market sizing
Culture of Genius template
Celebrity endorsements survey template
Veterinarian office staff evaluation survey template
Child general internet usage and safety survey template
Resident satisfaction survey template
Competitive NPS®
Veterinarian performance evaluation survey template
U.S. government support programs
Automobile information
Cable & satellite survey template
Internet relationships
Pet training survey template
Category awareness
U.S. voting history survey template
U.S. political news and information
U.S. political knowledge
Race & Hispanic origin survey template
Pet care expenses
Employee compensation survey template
Insurance expenses
Which Politician Said… survey template
Name That Novel survey template
DVD rental survey template
Child email usage and safety survey template
Child Myspace usage and safety survey template
Brand perception survey
Name testing
New product template
Product testing
Market research – product survey
Target market demographics
Market research survey template
Market research – service
Price testing template
Consumer behavior
Skin care products
Brand awareness survey template
Online shopping attitudes
Mailchimp customer check-in template
Impact of racism employee check-in
High school teacher evaluation template
CNBC/SurveyMonkey Workforce Survey
Coronavirus returning to work check-in
SurveyMonkey team survey
Coronavirus B2B customer pulse survey template
Coronavirus working from home survey template for managers
Coronavirus survey template for leadership and HR
Coronavirus survey template for K-12 distance learning
Manager feedback template
Workplace peer feedback survey template
Adam Grant entry interview
Mobile app feedback
Gender in the workplace
Software and app customer feedback with NPS®
AHRQ Surveys on Patient Safety Culture™(SOPS™) nursing home survey
AHRQ Surveys on Patient Safety Culture™(SOPS™) community pharmacy survey
Veterinarian patient intake template
Grammar quiz template
World Cup quiz template
Veterinarian patient intake – long form
AHRQ Surveys on Patient Safety Culture™ (SOPS®) Medical Office Survey
New hire training quiz
Expense reimbursement report survey template
Benefits template
Customer feedback survey template (Business to Business)
Corporate legal training quiz
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