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We have developed this cookie policy (the “Cookie Policy”) to explain how we use cookies and similar technologies (together, “Cookies”) on this website (the “Website”) and to demonstrate our firm commitment to the privacy of your personal information.
The first time that you visit our Website, we notify you about our use of Cookies through a notification banner.  By continuing to use the Website, you consent to our use of Cookies as described in this Cookie Policy.  However, you can choose whether or not to continue accepting Cookies at any later time.  Information on how to manage Cookies is set out later in this Cookie Policy.
Please note that our use of any personal information we collect about you is subject to our Privacy Policy.
What are cookies?
Cookies are small text files containing user IDs that are automatically placed on your computer or device by when you visit a website.  The Cookies are stored by the internet browser.  The browser sends the Cookies back to the website on each subsequent visit, allowing the website to recognise your computer or device.  This recognition enables the website provider to observe your activity on the website, deliver a personalised, responsive service and improve the website.
Cookies can be ‘Session Cookies’ or ‘Persistent Cookies’.  Session Cookies allow a website to link a series of your actions during one browser session, for example, to remember the items you have added to a shopping basket.  Session Cookies expire after a browser session and are therefore not stored on your computer or device afterward.  Persistent Cookies are stored on your computer or device between browser sessions and can be used when you make subsequent visits to the website, for example, to remember your website preferences, such as language or font size.
Our use of cookies
Cookie nameLifespan of cookieDescription
JSESSIONIDSessionPerformance optimization & currently also used to collect information on how site is used by user.
MAID1 yearCustomization
PLUID1 yearPrevious person user ID: Targeting relevant content/services
SERVERSessionPerformance optimization & currently also used to collect information on how site is used by user
AUTO_SIGNIN1 yearSet when the user explicitly requests that the website "remember me"
TimezoneSessionRecords the timezone of the user's machine
I2KBRCK1 yearTests browser's support for cookies
CookiePolicy1 yearDetermines whether to the cookie policy has been displayed to user and accepted
LoginFailedCookie30 minutesFailed login attempt number records
MACHINE_LAST_SEEN1 yearRecords the last visit by the user 's machine
PU_LAST_LOGIN1 yearAnalytics: encoded last login date
SSO_IDP1 yearStores the user's preferred Shibboleth Identity provider
SSO_INST1 yearUser's preferred SSO institution name
displayMathJaxFormula1 yearUsed by tandfonline to store mathjax preferences
Managing Cookies
If you continue to use the Website, you are consenting to our use of Cookies for the time being.  However, you can choose not to continue accepting Cookies at any later time.  In this section, we describe ways to manage Cookies, including how to disable them.
You can manage Cookies through the settings of your internet browser.  You can choose to block or restrict Cookies from being placed on your computer or device.  You can also periodically review the Cookies that have been placed there and disable some or all of them.
The following links may be helpful, or you can use the “Help” option in your browser.
You can learn more about how to manage Cookies on the following websites: www.allaboutcookies.org and www.youronlinechoices.com​.
Please be aware that if you choose not to accept certain Cookies, it may mean we are unable to provide you with some services or features of the Website.
Flash Cookies and how to manage them
We may provide videos and other content through the Website using Adobe Flash Player, which uses ‘Flash Cookies’ (also known as ‘Local Shared Objects’) to provide useful features such as auto-resume and the ability to save your preferences.  Flash Cookies are placed on your computer or device in much the same as other Cookies.  However, it is not possible to manage them in the same way through your internet browser settings.  You can learn more about how to manage Flash Cookies on www.allaboutcookies.org​.  Please be aware that if you choose not to accept Flash Cookies, you will be unable to view certain content, such as videos.
Changes to Cookie Policy
To keep up with changing legislation and best practice, we may revise this Cookie Policy at any time without notice by posting a revised version on this Website.  So please check back periodically so that you are aware of any changes.
Questions or concerns
If you have any questions or concerns about this Cookie Policy or our use of Cookies on the Website, please contact us by email to privacy@taylorandfrancis.com
You can also contact the Privacy Officer for the Informa plc group at compliance.officer@informa.com
This Cookie Policy was last updated on 9th December 2019
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