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Toolforge is a hosting environment, also known as Platform as a Service. Toolforge makes it easy for you to perform analytics, administer bots, run webservices, and create tools. Tools help project editors, technical contributors, and other volunteers who work on Wikimedia projects.
Toolforge is part of the Wikimedia Cloud Services (WMCS) suite of services. It is supported by Wikimedia Foundation staff and volunteers.
This page contains links to documentation for tool developers, maintainers, and Toolforge administrators.
Toolforge quickstart
To get started with creating or deploying your own tools on Toolforge, check out the quickstart guide.
Toolforge documentation
About Toolforge
Tool developer/maintainer documentation
Toolforge Help: Learn how to follow basic Toolforge workflows to create and maintain tools using Tool Accounts.
Toolforge administration documentation
Documentation for administrators of the Toolforge service itself can be found at Portal:Toolforge/Admin​.
Communication and support
We communicate and provide support through several primary channels. Please reach out with questions and to join the conversation.
Communicate with us
ConnectBest for
Phabricator Workboard#Cloud-ServicesTask tracking and bug reporting
IRC Channel#wikimedia-cloud​connect
Telegram bridge
mattermost bridge
General discussion and support
Mailing Listcloud@Information about ongoing initiatives, general discussion and support
Announcement emailscloud-announce@Information about critical changes (all messages mirrored to cloud@)
News wiki pageNewsInformation about major near-term plans
Cloud Services BlogClouds & UnicornsLearning more details about some of our work
Wikimedia Technical Blogtechblog.wikimedia.orgNews and stories from the Wikimedia technical movement
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