Odd News
Odd News // 1 day ago
Man wins $5 million lottery jackpot with 'wrong ticket'
May 7 (UPI) -- A man who won a $5 million jackpot from the North Carolina Education Lottery said he owes his windfall to a store clerk who handed him the wrong ticket.
Odd News // 1 day ago
Rare calico lobster rescued by Red Lobster workers in Virginia
Odd News // 1 day ago
Illinois 12-year-old builds ventilator using Lego parts
Odd News // 1 day ago
Bull escapes trailer outside Illinois veterinary clinic
Odd News // 1 day ago
Mississippi school seeks world record for jambalaya
Odd News // 1 day ago
Man sets Guinness record for fastest time to build Lego's largest set
Odd News // 1 day ago
New Hampshire woman rescues hawk from backyard pool
Odd News // 1 day ago
'Mad' zebra escapes truck in Tennessee town
Odd News // 2 days ago
Michigan woman wins $150,000 Powerball prize with years-old numbers
Odd News // 2 days ago
Identical twins earn $24 million worth of scholarships
Odd News // 2 days ago
Menu from 1913 found in rafters of British cafe
Odd News // 2 days ago
Philippines man collects 20,000 fast-food toys
Odd News // 2 days ago
New York police wrangle loose horse wandering Staten Island
Odd News // 2 days ago
Rebar impales truck in Florida, driver uninjured
Odd News // 2 days ago
Fox rescued from storm tank at sewage treatment plant
Odd News // 2 days ago
Illinois 12-year-old builds world's tallest popsicle stick structure
Odd News // 3 days ago
Missouri man wins $50,000 lottery prize, thanks to clerk's mix-up
Odd News // 3 days ago
Treasure hunter finds tourist's lost iPhone on Florida beach
Odd News // 3 days ago
Spanish confectioners recreate Picasso's 'Guernica' in chocolate
Odd News // 3 days ago
Mom's video captures 6-year-old fleeing from shark at Hawaii beach
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