Science News
Science News // 10 hours ago
NASA's Mars helicopter Ingenuity makes fifth flight
May 8 (UPI) -- NASA's Mars helicopter Ingenuity has completed its first one-way trip to a new landing site.
Science News // 19 hours ago
Fear may be the reason dogs bark, bite at some people, study says
Science News // 1 day ago
Artificial intelligence can boost power, efficiency of even the best microscopes
Science News // 1 day ago
Overthinking may be to blame for missed penalty kicks, study says
Science News // 1 day ago
Protests over SpaceX contract put timetable for lunar return in limbo
U.S. News // 1 day ago
UPI News Quiz: Bill and Melinda Gates, SpaceX, Broadway
Science News // 2 days ago
Owls may have inherited their night-hunting abilities from dinosaurs
Science News // 2 days ago
Chameleon skin-inspired material changes color, can detect seafood freshness
Science News // 2 days ago
Reducing methane emissions by 45% can achieve Paris Agreement goals, study says
U.S. News // 2 days ago
Biden's gov't aims to protect lands, waters in 'America the Beautiful' report
Science News // 2 days ago
Floods could triple across Himalayas, Tibetan Plateau as planet warms
Science News // 2 days ago
Many consumers use, trust food date labels but misinterpret information
Science News // 3 days ago
SpaceX completes first successful landing of Starship rocket
Science News // 3 days ago
Humans were altering ecosystems with fire some 92,000 years ago
Science News // 3 days ago
Blue Origin opens online auction for seat on 1st crewed flight
Science News // 3 days ago
Africa's oldest human burial uncovered in Kenya
Science News // 3 days ago
Climate models predict runaway sea level rise if Paris targets overshot
World News // 3 days ago
Israeli archaeologists uncover rare, ancient bronze lamp shaped like a face
Science News // 3 days ago
Dunbar's number debunked: Research suggests you can have more than 150 friends
Science News // 4 days ago
SpaceX launches 60 Starlink satellites from Florida
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SpaceX successfully launches 60 more Starlink satellites into space
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Ingenuity: NASA confirms historic success on first Mars helicopter flight
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