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Who. Cares?

forget about autism - this guy is a regular looney tune

No suprise that Elon is Aspy.  All of us who understand Aspergers could see it a mile away.  Focus on what he's doing right, and please be patient with the extreme to which he takes the famous Aspergers arrogance -- it's part of what lets him achieve things nobody thought were possible.  

I reinvented electric cars

He'll be selling innovative tesla brand round wheels soon too.

I'm finding the whole assburger and autism spectrum to be the trending go-to on difficult self absorbed people. To the point where every time I meet a human with no emotional engagement or conversation skills, I instantly assume "they must be on the spectrum" and I just give up trying to make any connection. I have a feeling though that many of the folks of whom I'm assuming have a victimizing bio brain condition are probably just jerks though.