Bob Mankoff named humor editor for Esquire one day after exiting the New Yorker
A self-caricature. (Courtesy of Bob Mankoff 2017)
ByMichael Cavna
May 1, 2017 at 9:02 a.m. PDT
BOB MANKOFF didn’t wait long to let the other cartoon shoe drop.
One day after he officially stepped down as cartoon editor of the New Yorker, Mankoff has been named cartoon and humor editor of Esquire, Hearst Magazines is announcing today.
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Esquire has a rich history of publishing cartoons, but that dedication began to wane a half-century ago. Mankoff plans to curate humor at Esquire much the same way he did for two decades at the New Yorker.
As Bob Mankoff steps down as New Yorker’s cartoon editor, here are his favorite works
“Bob is one of the funniest, most creative people I know,” Esquire Editor in Chief Jay Fielden said in a statement. “What he’s going to do is invent an entirely new look and sensibility in cartooning by upping the aesthetics and embracing a wide set of fresh voices.
” ‘La La Land’ proved an old form can become a new sensation. That’s the ambition here.”
Mankoff says he look forward to “bringing the funny back to Esquire.”
Writer/artist/visual storyteller Michael Cavna is creator of the Comic Riffs column and graphic-novel reviewer for The Washington Post's Book World.
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